Bronson Arroyo thinks he knows.

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  1. Y-City Jim

    Love the comment that insinuated that Bako should not be starting so that the Reds can find out if Hanigan is worth a crap. He likely isn’t happy that the Reds CFAed Ross.

  2. Dunner was cool

    they were friends of course he isnt happy

  3. Fire Dusty NOW

    Nobody was happy. You can’t really justify it being Ross over Bako, he’s better in every facet of the game.

  4. per14

    He’s basically right, I think. I think this team is two players away from being a good, solid team. Of course, those two players are a A) a very solid, good hitting catcher, and B) a stud hitter who can play either a corner IF position or the OF, who will play good defense and put up a 900 OPS. Good luck finding both of those this off-season.

  5. Dave from Louisville

    Every team needs a good hitting catcher.

    Reds need
    1. Improved defence on the left side of the infield. (Kepp to third, EE gone)
    2. RH power with a high average/OBP that plays a corner outfield (Trade for Holiday)
    3. A lead-off hitter that gets on base, steals bases, and that plays gold glove CF. (Drew Stubbs!!!)
    4. A defensive catcher that hits well enough to play everyday. (Laird or Salty from Texas, trade some of the prospect SP depth)
    5. Left handed starting pitcher. (CC please.)
    6. Left handed relief pitcher.

    These 6 things will not happen this offseason, but I can dream.

  6. John of Muncie

    I dunno, Dave. Trading EE actually seems feasible, and I wonder if a package including EE would get the job done. The Rangers have four 3B on their roster right now, but two haven’t really set the world on fire, and Hank Blalock is about to be a free agent, leaving Vasquez, who has no power. I wonder.

  7. Dan

    I’m well aware that I’m just some dude with a computer, commenting on a blog… but I just wanted to re-post the deals I wanted the Reds to make this past offseason. (They’re probably in the archives here somewhere.) No idea if these deals could’ve actually happened or not, but I think they were plausible…

    1) ??? for Carlos Quentin. (I had no idea he’d be this good, but his minor league numbers were great, and it was clear that Arizona didn’t need him – classic “undervalued” situation.)

    2) Freel for Murton. (Murton’s been crap this year, but he’s still only 26, and he just hasn’t gotten a chance anywhere. Again, undervalued by the Cubs, I thought.)

    3) EE for Jonathan Sanchez. (I still like EE, but I like Sanchez more. Young, left-handed, not overused innings-wise, HR rate fairly low, K rate very high. Admittedly, he does walk too many.)

    Anyway… just some food for thought.

    These trades can’t happen anymore (well, maybe #3 could), but in my opinion the Reds need to be looking for similar guys — young and UNDERVALUED, whoever it may be.

    I don’t want to trade for Holliday, for example, b/c that would be buying high. (Plus, I think he’s largely a product of Coors inflation — he’s ripe to disappoint.)

    I want to buy LOW on somebody. That’s how you make crushingly good trades.

  8. Steve

    Oh,and Bronson, try shaving a run and a half or so off your ERA.

    Might help get a few more wins.

  9. Dan

    True, Steve.

    I just looked up Bronson’s splits for the year. I’m not sure what it means (if anything) but I noticed that he’s been totally hot and cold – no in between.

    He was atrocious in April and June, but other than that, pretty good.

    April – 1-3, 6.97 ERA
    May – 3-1, 3.74
    June – 1-3, 8.26
    July – 4-1, 4.45
    August – 2-2, 3.20

    What’s all that mean? You got me. But I still like Bronson and I’m in favor of keeping him around. (You’d be selling low on him if you tried to deal him at this point anyway, so I don’t see the point.)

  10. Dan

    The one I’m more worried about is Homer Bailey. I keep telling myself he’s only 22, and that’s very young… but he’s been just AWFUL in the majors so far.

    Career – 81 IP, 6.72 ERA, 1.80 WHIP.

    Too many hits, HR’s, walks… not enough K’s…

    Small sample… still young… yada yada… but there’s just nothing good in that line.

    Oh, and he kinda stinks at AAA too! 4-7 with a 4.77 ERA at Louisville this year. All 4 wins were in APRIL, by the way. Very good April, bad ever since.

    What’s the deal? I used to hear he was going to be an ace. Now I wonder if he can even be a passable #4 or #5 type guy?

    (sigh… patience… patience… only 22… patience…) 😉

  11. mhopp

    Dan-now is the time to trade Bailey away to someone who can make him into something and the Reds can get something for him. I think he’s a head case and too much pressure has been put on him. Cueto is an example of a good strong head on his shoulders and has done well. Either trade Bailey or send back to single A until he gets himself straight. He just got beat up last night by a poor hitting AAA team so I’m not sure why they think he’ll do anything in Cinci…foolishness really and no doubt Dusty Baker influence, words can’t describe the stupid moves this team makes.

  12. david

    The best part of that article was Pete Rose’s quote.

    The best way to fix the Reds’ offensive woes is to add a right-handed middle of the order outfielder. There is a plethra of young starting pitching here. Time to deal this winter.

    A hitting catcher is nice but not necessary. How many good hitting catchers are there? Wilkin Castillo threw out 18 of 37 basesteallers which to me is whoa. I’d like to see him get a shot even though his offense is marginal.

    My order of choice next year goes

    CF – Freel/Hairston
    2B – Phillips
    RF – Bruce
    LF – Holliday
    1B – Votto
    3B – EdE
    SS – Gonzalez/Hairston
    C – Castillo
    P – Volquez, Lowe, Arroyo, Cueto, Owings

    Feel free to rip away…

  13. per14

    I don’t understand why people want to get rid of EdE but keep Keppinger. Keppinger is a utility guy at best. He should not be getting 500 ABs. EdE, while inconsistent and prone to bad starts, is having a decent year with the bat.