I wasn’t going to link this article from Yahoo! Sports, but I couldn’t pass up this ridiculous headline: “Dunn is Diamondbacks’ Donkey Kong“.

There are some interesting parts to the article, including this:

“This is him right here, I guarantee you,” he said. “He calls me every day. Hit a homer today.”

He held up the phone.


Ken Griffey Jr., fellow Cincinnati Reds expat, indeed had homered for the Chicago White Sox on Wednesday afternoon.

Adam Dunn let out a big donkey laugh. Yeah, this pennant-race stuff is a kick.

“This is a side of baseball I’ve never seen,” he said. “I’ve never been here.”

And this…

And like the Dodgers, the Diamondbacks are an entirely different offensive team today, more like the 161-run mirage we saw in April, and now their ballpark is aflutter with homemade signs gushing, “I like mine well Dunn,” and, “Hey, Gracie, call it an Adam bomb!”

L.A.’s Manny Mania is Phoenix’s Donkey Throng.

“I love it out here,” Dunn said. “I know it’s only August whatever, but it seems like every day does matter now. And oh yeah, I’m nervous. I haven’t been nervous in a long time. I keep waiting for the nerves to go away, but they haven’t.”

By nature of his Reds upbringing, Dunn nearly made it all the way to free agency without playing for a winner. He nearly made it to freedom without ever tasting a big at-bat, without ever hitting a big home run, without ever experiencing September as anything other than one-month-to-go.

And now he has hit home runs in each of his first two home games, both Diamondbacks wins. In his first eight games of consequence, he has reached base more than half the time, forced pitches to teammates who were beginning to look like the moments were getting too big and stood in the middle of a lineup averaging nearly seven runs a game since he first pulled on the clubhouse door.

Those 32 home runs before he got here? Those 270 career home runs? Nice. Fine. Impressive.

The last two?

“That’s why we’ve got Dunn right there, I guess,” Diamondbacks third baseman Mark Reynolds said. “It’s awesome. He creates so much. It’s pretty cool to have something like that.”

Someone actually appreciates Adam Dunn? Imagine that!