As Bill wrote earlier, Walt Jocketty and Bob Castellini sent an email to the Reds mailing list this afternoon, trying to explain their plan, and asking for fans’ “continued trust and patience as we build the roster that will get us back on top.”

To me, the letter means very, very little. Bob Castellini has said nothing but the right things since he’s taken over the Reds. Unfortunately, talk is just about the only thing the Reds have done well during that time. I want to see some progress.

But I’ll give the Reds the benefit of the doubt, and assume they are sincerely trying to open a dialogue with the fans. We’d like to help – we encourage every Reds fan to write their own letters back to Bob and Walt.

If you like, copy us, and we’ll run the best. Write whatever you want – a rant, a list of good faith suggestions, a “hang in there” message, or even a clever fisking of Walt/Bob’s email.

Their email addresses are likely bcastellini @ (or maybe rcastellini @ and wjocketty @ Ours are here.