Our friend Doug over at Redsminorleagues.com reports that Alonzo Yonder’s been assigned to the GCL.

How long he’s there is anyone’s guess?

The GCL Reds only have 7 games left.

Dayton and Louisville both appear headed to the playoffs, might he go to one of them to pick up some more late season ABs?

4 Responses

  1. Kevin

    At least we have a prospect named “Yonder.”

  2. Kevin

    But really, I hope that they let him get some time in Dayton this season. I don’t want to rush him, but it seems like he’s closer to major league ready than some of our first-rounders in the past few years.

    The bigger question is, whose getting moved on the 40-man roster for him? Here’s hoping its Patterson!

  3. Phill

    So I feel like a dummy.

    I’ve been sitting here going “who’d they take off the 40 man” then I realized that’s probably why they DFA’d Ross(among other things I guess). I didn’t realize they were running at 39 for the last week.