I know a lot of you are jazzed about Chris Dickerson, although for the life of me, I can’t figure out why. He’s never done much in the minors to make me believe he can be a starter on the major league level.

On the other hand, I’m willing to have an open mind if someone wants to try and convince me. I want to like Dickerson. I heard him interviewed, and he’s a very respectful, polite, intelligent young man who is enjoying his first taste of the big leagues.

Unfortunately, my view of his actual playing ability is summed up nicely by Baseball Prospectus:

In a system full of athletes, the Reds think Dickerson might be their best. If so, it makes you wonder about their ability to perceive the difference between athletic ability and useful baseball skills. Dickerson is a fourth outfielder at most, in large part because of his struggles against his fellow lefties. Dickerson has the potential to play once a week in the bigs, but he could also spend his prime years becoming a local hero in Louisville.

Being a 4th outfielder is nothing to be ashamed about; it’s a useful part to a good roster. The Reds, of course, have a roster that was put together by Mr. Magoo, full of fourth outfielders named Dickerson, Freel, Hopper, and Hairston (and a 7th outfielder named Patterson).

So, what do you think? Can Dickerson be a starter for Cincinnati next year? Should any of us care any more?