John Fay has the details on the Reds’ signing of first-round pick Yonder Alonso here, which is all fine and good, but did he have to remind us that the Reds selected Brandon Larson over Lance Berkman in the 1997 draft?

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  1. Buddy

    off topic but anyways…i dont live in Cincy anymore but recently visited and my best friend told me that CP is dating or engaged to Dusty’s niece or daughter or something???….any truth to this?

  2. Dunner was cool

    i heard the same thing buddy

  3. Kevin

    I did a quick google search and found a ton of rumors along the same lines, but nothing that was very substantial. This seems like the perfect rumor to start spreading around to me, I don’t really think it’s true.

    Anyway, looking around for some evidence of this, I found this on CP’s wikipedia page:

    “Patterson is on pace to complete the 2008 season with the second worst on base percentage for an outfielder in the last century.”

  4. Josh

    Hal McCoy dispelled that rumor in the Sunday morning DDN.

  5. Chris

    I think that was a joke. Along the lines of, “Rafael Belliard has incriminating photos of Bobby Cox.”

  6. Pete

    I made a joke a long time ago on this blog about Baker’s daughter (if he even has one) about the same thing (Corey Bakers’ son). I hadn’t heard the joke before, but I’m not going to take credit for starting all this as it is a very obvious joke based on Dusty’s irrational overuse of Corey and the name “Patterson”. But hey, if it did start here, way to go Redleg Nation!