Lots of links today…

–GM Walt Jocketty doesn’t sound very confident that the Reds will be able to sign first-round draft pick Yonder Alonso. Frankly, if reports are true that Alonso and his agent haven’t budged one cent from their initial demand, I’d tell the kid to have fun playing elsewhere.

–PTBNL #3 has been named: catcher Wilkin Castillo. He’s 24 years old, and has never been very good or very bad in the minors. He does have only 91 walks in his entire professional career, spanning 5 seasons and 1712 ABs. No plate discipline whatsoever.

As a comparison, Adam Dunn has 83 walks in 385 ABs against Major League pitching this season alone.

–Over at ESPN, Jayson Stark had this:

“He’s a better player than people give him credit for,” one scout said of (Adam) Dunn. “People think he’s just some lazy guy who can’t do anything but hit the ball out of the park. He’s better than that. He’s a force. You have to make pitches on him. If you don’t, he’ll go long on you or he’ll walk.”

Here’s a nice look at the other PTBNL in the Dunn trade, Micah Owings, by John Sickels prior to this season. Sickels likes Owings. He’s still in trade limbo, though.

Me, either.

–If you haven’t read John Erardi’s article on Adam Dunn yet, what are you waiting for?

On to the quarters! (Yes, that’s tongue-in-cheek.)

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