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  1. nycredsfan

    What’s scary is he might hit just enough the next 6 weeks to end the year at .220 and Dusty will justify bringing him back for his “speed and defense”, even though his SB% this year is 65%. That’s pretty bad for such a fast player.

  2. Phill

    Corey Patterson sure as hell better not be on the roster next year. I like to think Jocketty would have more sense than that.

  3. CeeKeR

    “I like to think *insert management name here* would have more sense than that.”

    Oh how many times I thought that over the past 10 years or so…

  4. Phill

    Well how many of those GM’s had a successful history like Jocketty?

    I know exactly what you’re saying though.

  5. Matt Steele

    I could have had tickets for this game tonight, but in my post Adam Dunn depression, I declined them. So far, the Reds are losing and there’s no chance of a no hitter, so I don’t feel that bad

  6. Matt Steele

    Oh and I like Jocketty but honestly, we don’t have to wait til the end of the year to get rid of Corey Patterson. But I mean he’s got a few hits lately so that means he’ll definitely be here til the end of the year, just in case he’s turning it around

  7. Shane

    but in my post Adam Dunn depression

    😆 you guys gotta stop it! you’re killing me! 😆

  8. preach

    Thought I would check in. At least this game seems to be mildly entertaining at this point. Sigh.

  9. Y-City Jim

    Arizona has scored three times so far in the first inning, two of the runs were forced in by walks. Stupid OBP.

  10. Y-City Jim

    Patterson with a walk. It must be an impostor.

  11. Phill

    Patterson with heads up baserunning….for once this season.

  12. Y-City Jim

    Someone needs to tell George Grande that Dan Wilson was long gone from the Reds organization when Bako and Larue were signed.

    Patterson safe but that was some stupid base running.

  13. Phill

    Can’t believe he actually scored off of that.

  14. Y-City Jim

    If Larue doesn’t fall on his butt, Patterson is out by a solid margin. Imagine the Reds getting that lucky in a game against the Cardinals.

  15. Kevin

    What is going on with Patterson? At the beginning of the season I was really happy that he was overperforming (I don’t know if anyone remembers, but he was really hot the first week or so), but now I’m actually pissed at him for doing this with this kind of timing. We don’t want you back! We don’t want you to “prove your worth” in the next few weeks so someone can actually try to make an argument against your worthlessness!!!

  16. Phill

    I don’t think that a hot last month will change anybody’s mind about his ability. Once again, I would hope that Jocketty wouldn’t be that foolish.

  17. Ron

    Im sure am glad we kept Dickerson down in AAA for so long … this kid sucks!

  18. Phill

    Yea he would’ve been better sitting on the bench while Griffey, Dunn and Bruce played…

  19. Kevin

    “Once again, I would hope that Jocketty wouldn’t be that foolish.”

    Don’t be so sure. It remains to be seen how good of a GM he’s going to be for us. Of course, he’s proven himself as a good GM in St. Louis, but lest we forget, Dusty Baker had proven himself to not be a total dumbass in his other teams, too. Maybe there’s something in the water in the Cincinnati front office, but I’m still waiting for Jocketty to prove himself.

  20. Y-City Jim

    Dickerson career MiLB numbers – .260 BA, .360 OBP, .415 SLG, .775 OPS.

    We know Dickerson will come back down to Earth but I could live with that .360 OBP.

  21. Ron

    Blah, I was talking post trade, he stayed down there for a week after Jr was gone while we enjoyed our fill of CP

  22. World

    If Patterson woke up and realized that he is not a power hitter, he probably could be a decent 4th outfielder for a club. When he does he try to bunt for a hit? When do you see him try to go the other way with a pitch. Nope, he’s swinging from the balls each and every time up. He has a lot of talent and always has. He’s his own worst enemy.

  23. Ron

    When compared to what CP has put up all year, I’d have to agree

  24. CeeKeR

    And for completeness, another day another Reds loss.

    It seems obvious to me that this year’s team has given up (though it’s hard to blame them).

  25. Phill

    I think they figure if Alonso doesn’t sign they want to get as high a draft position as they can.

  26. mike

    That is only the 3rd time this season Patterson has walked, stolen a base and scored.

  27. Y-City Jim

    Walt Jocketty says it’s up to Yonder Alonso.

    “We’ve made a final offer,” Jocketty said. “We’re waiting to hear from him. We’d love to have him. That’s why we drafted him.”

    Jocketty said Alonso, the Reds’ top pick in draft, came off his original demand “by a little bit” for the first time.

    Jocketty would not say if the offer was a major league contract.

    The deadline to sign is 11:59 p.m.

    Alex Rodriguez is very much a factor in this thing. Rodriguez is close to Alonso and has offered to left him live with ARod in New York and play independent league baseball next year.

    Alonso and his representative have not returned calls today.

    Since A-Rod is an employee of another team, could he being guilty of tampering for his involvement?

  28. Y-City Jim

    That is only the 3rd time this season Patterson has walked, stolen a base and scored.

    That is some serious fact finding, mike. I want you on my team.

  29. Kevin

    who’s staying up til midnight to see if he signs or not? (looks like we’re not going to get him)

  30. Y-City Jim

    Phelps just grabbed gold medal #7, winning by a fraction.

  31. mike

    That is only the 3rd time this season Patterson has walked, stolen a base and scored.

    That is some serious fact finding, mike. I want you on my team.

    Dickerson has already done it once

    Dunn did it once this season. (SB are not his strength obviously)

    I was surprised to see how few Reds have BB, SB, and scored a R even in the same game no less the same, plate appearance.

  32. Y-City Jim

    Bats win 3-0 on 3-run HR by Richar off Ryan Wagner.

  33. Y-City Jim

    It’s a major league deal so they have to make room on the 40-man for him, correct?

    Hmmmmm! Who would be a good player for the Reds to release to make room?

  34. Dave from Louisville

    Jay Bruce, he’s a chump.

  35. Phill

    At this point in the season they’d probably be better off releasing Andy Phillips over Patterson. I don’t like Corey Patterson as much as the next guy but having the depth of speedy centerfielders could be needed. Remember last year when the last two or so weeks the outfield was made up of Buck Coats, Jason Ellison and…hell I can’t even remember who else. Was DeWayne Wise still around then?

    I’m glad Yonder was signed though.

  36. Y-City Jim

    According to Fay’s blog:

    The Reds were willing to offer Alonso a big league deal for two reasons:

    “One, we think he’ll be there quickly,” assistant GM Bob Miller said. “Two, we have a lot of free agents so we’ve got room on the roster.”

  37. Y-City Jim

    Ton of free agents. Does that mean a ton of openings since few will be coming back?