From the Enquirer:

Two days before the deadline to sign, Alonso said he will not back off his original demands: a big-league contract worth around $7 million.

“They knew what I wanted when they drafted me,” Alonso said. “If they weren’t going to give it to me, why did they draft me? They knew what they got themselves into.”

Alonso, a first baseman from the University of Miami, could return to school. But that sounds like his last option. If he doesn’t sign, he said he’ll play independent league ball.


The Reds picked Alonso seventh overall. Baseball’s slot amount for that spot is around $2.8 million.

If the Reds went above that and offered Alonso a $3 million, big-league contract on Friday, what would happen?

“I’d go play independent league ball,” he said.

We’ll see if this is just a negotiation ploy, if not, enjoy your year in the scrubs, kid.