From the Enquirer:

Two days before the deadline to sign, Alonso said he will not back off his original demands: a big-league contract worth around $7 million.

“They knew what I wanted when they drafted me,” Alonso said. “If they weren’t going to give it to me, why did they draft me? They knew what they got themselves into.”

Alonso, a first baseman from the University of Miami, could return to school. But that sounds like his last option. If he doesn’t sign, he said he’ll play independent league ball.


The Reds picked Alonso seventh overall. Baseball’s slot amount for that spot is around $2.8 million.

If the Reds went above that and offered Alonso a $3 million, big-league contract on Friday, what would happen?

“I’d go play independent league ball,” he said.

We’ll see if this is just a negotiation ploy, if not, enjoy your year in the scrubs, kid.

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  1. Kevin

    Honestly, if that’s the way the brat wants to start his relationship with the organization, I say kick him to the curb. “…why did they draft me? They knew what they got themselves into.”

    I’ll honestly never understand why 21 year olds throw a fit over getting 3million instead of 7million. I’m 21 and don’t even want to imagine being offered 3 million dollars. But, anyway, I say this isn’t the kind of attitude or mentality we need in our farm system.

  2. somethingbetter

    I don’t get it…why draft someone, especially 7th, if you don’t intend to pay or sign them? So next year, they will get the 9th pick overall if Yonder doesn’t sign? So what, do you think the Reds are going to pay next year to sign somebody?

    You can’t fault Yonder Alonso. All along, he has said what he wanted and he has been true to his word.

    You can’t say the Reds are true to their word. Castellini has been reported to say the following: “We’re not gonna lose any more.” Bob Castellini said upon firing GM Wayne Krivsky that he wants to “win now”. “If we don’t win this year, we might all get fired and I’ll start by firing myself.”

    Castellini is a quote machine. They all sound good, but are just meaningless words.

  3. Sultan of Swaff

    He’s supposedly the best hitting prospect in the draft, but he’s exclusively a 1B. To me, that limits his value right there. Stick to the slot money and take 2 top 10 picks next year. Don’t sweat over this kid.

  4. Dan

    Gordon Beckham (the SS from UGA, who the Reds could’ve taken by the way, and who went #8 to the White Sox) signed for a signing bonus of $2.6 million — “slot money.”

    I’m no scout and I never laid eyes on any of these guys… but I sure thought he was the way to go, even on draft day. A great-hitting SS? We need that! That’s harder to find than great-hitting 1B’s.

  5. Phill

    This may have hurt the Reds now but Giants have signed 5th pick Buster Posey to a 7.5 major league contract.

    If the Reds let Yonder walk because he wants too much I’m fine with it. Let him go play for the Ducks and have slumber parties with A-Rod.

    If they sign him, great. If they don’t, oh well.

  6. DevilsAdvocate

    Negotiation is all posturing and talk by definition. No actions yet, so no point in outrage. Isn’t the free market supposed to be trustworthy? We’ll see what happens by the end of tomorrow.

  7. DevilsAdvocate

    Incidentally, I seem to recall that Alonso’s agent is the same as Adam Dunn’s. And rumor has it that Dunn’s looking for a total contract of 9 figures this winter. Just sayin’.

  8. Shane

    Screw him. Let him go play independent league ball. And hire someone to break his kneecaps.

  9. nycredsfan

    Just read that the Nats top prospect, Aaron Crowe, 9th overall, just signed in the independent league cause Leatherpants wouldn’t give him a Major League contract. I agree that there’s no way they give this punk 7 mil. Next year’s draft is supposed to be really deep, he could end up being drafted lower next year. I hope so.

  10. Chris

    Let’s not get all morally outraged because this guy is trying to get more of Bob Castellini’s money than Bob Castellini wants to give him.

    This is all about leverage, and frankly, I don’t think Alonso has the leverage to get what he’s asking for.

    I don’t see his stock rising all that much after a month or two in an indy league. That said, he will be able to negotiate with all the teams, and it only takes one.

    When you think about it, the draft really isn’t all that fair a deal for the amateurs. It artificially restricts Alonso’s earning power by letting him negotiate with only one team. Remember, he’ll be under team control for 6-8 years, making whatever they pay him (or an arbitrator awards, there at the end).

  11. Mr. Redlegs

    Chris lawyered up on y’all. 🙂

  12. Bill

    If he doesn’t sign with the Reds, he can negotiate with all the ML teams until next year’s draft? If so, why ever sign?

    And w/o a draft, all the top prospects sign with the team with unlimited funds and the others are left with the dregs…what’s your solution to this inequity?

  13. John of La Muncie

    This is where the draft-and-develop thing fails. Yeah, if your team sucks, you get a higher draft pick. But if you can’t afford to keep a star player when he’s eligible for free agency, how can you afford to pay the signing bonus and offer a major league contract to an unproven talent that might wash out a la Brandon Larson?

  14. John of La Muncie

    I should clarify. I know Brandon Larson didn’t get a major league contract when he was drafted, but he was drafted #1 and he did wash out, like so many Reds #1 picks.

  15. Mark in CC

    Nice perspective Chris. Great posting.

    To look at historical perspective of another sport Alonso is not much different than Eli Manning or John Elway. They said they wouldn’t play for San Diego or Balitmore respectively before the draft, stuck to their guns and it worked out well for them.

    Although I don’t like the coontract idea and it has not worked well for the Reds in the past I don’t blame Alonso for trying.

    I do find some ammusement in Leatherpants losing his draft choice by not giving into the Major League contract demand. Maybe he learned his lesson.

    Remember when he gave the Reds top two draft picks (Espinosa and Sardina) big league contracts in the same year.

  16. Shane

    Chris lawyered up on y’all

    😆 yeah he did! 😆

    I was only kidding (sorta) Chris! Although I do think it’s a shame how some of these kids try to rob the teams and have the audacity to think they are actually worth the kind of money they are asking. It’s an insult to the guys that have been playing for years on big league teams and making a fraction of that.

  17. Mark in CC

    If you have the hammer swing it. I don’t think there is anyone in any profession who would at differently.

  18. Chad

    If he doesn’t sign with the Reds and goes the independent league route, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if he ended up like this guy. At least it wouldn’t come back to haunt the Reds.

  19. Dan

    Well Alonso (or anyone who just got drafted) is going to be making well below what the free market would have him making for, what, 6-8 years?

    It might make sense to think of the signing bonus being divided up and spread across all of those artificially-low-wage years.

    So a $7 million bonus would work out to be, what, an extra $1 million per year?

    If he pans out, it’s probably still a good investment. (If he goes Larson on us, not so much…)

  20. Y-City Jim

    and people thought Homer Bailey had an attitude!

  21. nycredsfan

    That’s wild about Matt Harrington. I’d forgotten about him, and that’s quite a freefall. It should give guys like Alonso second thoughts. And he actually won’t be able to negotiate with all teams. He has to go back into the draft next year. The only way he can be a FA is if no one drafts him next year, or the year after that, etc.

  22. Fire Dusty NOW

    Just pay the guy? He wants 7 mil for just signing! As far as I know we’ve never shelled out more than 4 million for a signing. Let him walk, his draft stock will probably drop and he’ll get even less next year. I’ll take the 2 top 10 draft picks next year.

  23. DevilsAdvocate

    @ #16, didn’t Bowden also draft Jeremy Sowers and not sign him? That was back when the team got no redress, however – now they at least get to have a first-round pick the next year in a similar spot in the round.

    So I don’t think Bowden has learned a thing. But we all kind of knew that.

  24. World

    Bet you a root beer the kid signs. But it won’t be for much above $3M. Big Bob won’t be pushed around by anyone.

  25. Jay Bruce for President

    i agree with world
    cause yonder will be a total moron not to sign
    does he think he will be able to get 7 Million right away in independant leagues?
    but he will never get a huge contract
    they just dont pay like the majors.
    i say let him go and we get some greats next year
    a better way of rebuilding