1962: Vada Pinson and Frank Robinson directly accounted for 415 runs (236 RBIs plus 241 runs scored, minus 62 home runs), over 50% of the Reds 802 runs scored. This was the most devastating one-two combination in a single season in Reds history.

In their seven seasons together as starters, Pinson and Robinson averaged per season 210 runs scored, 198 RBIs, and 52 home runs.

Johnny Bench and Tony Perez rank as an equally powerful duo. In their nine years together as starters, Bench and Perez averaged 166 runs scored, 206 RBIs, and 54 home runs.

All “Reds trivia” posts come from Greg Rhodes and John Snyder’s fabulous book, “Redleg Journal” (see link for purchasing) and are used with Greg’s permission.

Thanks again to Greg Rhodes for permission to use his material.

3 Responses

  1. Shawn

    Rhodes and Snyder make the same mistake a lot of people do: runs and runs scored are effectively “half runs,” because someone is responsible for each. If you hit a home run, you are doing both jobs, hence a “full run.”

    Of course, some runs do not have an RBI credit, but that’s not the issue here.

  2. Dave H

    And wouldn’t there be a number of times that Robinson drove Pinson in, or vice versa depending on batting order, so that merely subtracting homers wouldn’t give a hard number?

  3. Shawn

    Exactly. Pinson scored and Robinson drove in the same run probably, what, 30-40 times?