Here’s a shot from the radio booth at tonight’s game.  Thanks to reader Kermit for the pic.  (Actual credit to my buddy T.P. for the idea.)


7 Responses

  1. Y-City Jim

    Absolutely right on!!!

    Marty did some bashing on Jay Bruce in the first inning though.

  2. Kevin

    What was the expression you said he used, “failed miserably”?

    Hahah…I guess if we’re going to move on from an old, offensively-above-average outfielder at the center of our franchise to a new era with a new offensively-above-average outfielder as the centerpiece of our franchise, Marty is going to have to transition as well, from relentlessly bashing the old to relentlessly bashing the new.

  3. Jay Bruce for President

    if we’re getting rid of old farts
    lets get rid of brantly
    he’s annoying and same with Grande

  4. Deaner

    HA! This definitely makes me feel better.

    I didn’t listen to the game on the radio tonight for that exact reason.

  5. Bill

    My absolute ALL TIME favorite post on this blog. CLASSIC.