Just a quick roundup, because I’m not sure how much enthusiasm I’ll have over the next few days. I have lots of stuff I’d rather do right now than spend time on the sinking ship known as the Cincinnati Reds.

Bob Castellini is delusional.

–Justin is going to wait to pass final judgment (he’s wise like that), but he sums up the feelings of many of us:

Morale-wise, it’s hard to feel very happy about this. The already-weak offense is going to be a disaster for the rest of the season, and this team clearly isn’t going to be much fun to watch. And Adam Dunn was always such a fun, charismatic guy–I’m going to miss him a lot. Add all of this to my already-frustrated state, and you don’t have a recipe for a lot of interest on my part through the rest of the season.

Over at Redlegs Rundown, they are happy the Reds are doing something.

–“I don’t feel much like being a Reds fan any more,” says Daedalus, who is ordinarily the most optimistic Reds fan in the blogosphere.

–The Reds are the least interesting team in the National League, according to Chris Sabo’s Goggles.

–Red Hot Mama weighs in.

Thanks, Dunner.

More comments from Castellini.

A closer look at Dallas Buck.

Watch the Olympics, Jeff.