Rumors are starting to be confirmed that Micah Owings is one of the players to be named later in the Dunn trade. CTR hears that a wrench has been thrown in the plans (for now, anyway) by Ol’ Leatherpants himself.

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  1. Dave from Louisville

    I want to be the first to say this is an AWESOME trade. This kicks ass so in many ways. Owings has the ability to be our Rick Ankiel, if he could still pitch.

    Hitting pitchers are one of the most undervalued things on an NL team. Never gets enough attention, this guy is good enough to PH, therefore creating basically a 26 man roster.

    Plus he’s a RH batter!!!!

    He only needs to be good enough for a fifth starter. I absolutely love the fact that 09 will be the first year I will know the 5 SP at the end of the previous year.

  2. Fire Dusty NOW

    Jim Bowden is a complete and utter asshole. That’s all I have to say about him. Good thing we got Owings though, I like him alot. I just hope he does better next year than he did this year.

  3. Chris

    Bowden:Reds = Road Runner:Coyote = Gary’s Old Town Tavern:Cheers = Jim:Dwight
    Now, about that grievance…

  4. rob

    Bowden. What an unmitigated #uck wad. Well, it’s either ’09 for Owings or wait 30 days when AZ can him on waivers again. I was looking forward to seeing him hit AND pitch this season.

  5. Chris

    They can just keep it as a PTBNL and “name” him after the season.

  6. Jay Bruce for President

    Somebody go kick him in his leatherpants

  7. Phill

    The only thing Selig’s looking into is creating more nap time in his schedule.

  8. Steve Price

    There’s some wrong information being reported here. Seattle would have nothing to do with waivers concerning Owings at this point. Owings would have to pass through all NL clubs before being offered to AL clubs.

    As for Bowden…he has the right to do this; in fact, if I remember right, that’s how we got Mariano Duncan…I believe it was 1995, the second time he was on the team. He was waived (with trade intentions) and Bowden claimed him to block the trade. The Phillies said “OK, he’s yours”.

  9. DevilsAdvocate

    Never need much excuse to hate Bowden, but…

    I don’t know the etiquette of the waiver wire this time of year – for all I know the GM’s let everyone pass through as a courtesy to the GM fraternity – but on it’s face I don’t blame Bowden or anyone else one bit for claiming Owings. If a young talented pitcher with 4 years of salary control left was made available to me, I’d sure try and get him.

    I sure would feel a whole lot better about the trade if it turns out to be Owings or even Scherzer. PTBNL usually aren’t so high-profile.

  10. Mr. Redlegs

    Redleg Nation got it here first . . . Micah Owings is the centerpiece, at 12:24 Tuesday morning. Where’s my Bruce Almighty t-shirt payola?

    There’s nothing to investigate with Bowden on this waiver claim. If you had the Washington Nationals’ pitching staff and saw Owings out there on the wire, any dimbulb makes the claim.

    And great memory on that Duncan deal, Steve. Duncan showed up in the clubhouse with a “why-am-I-here?” look about him.

  11. Jack

    It isn’t like Owings will make the Reds a 100 game winner. But I would much rather see him play the outfield than that one guy named Patterson.

  12. Matt Steele

    First of all, I highly doubt that anyone is claiming him to wreck our trade. The article itself gave reasons why Washington would claim him. One of their assistant gm’s was involved in drafting him or something.

    Second, you guys are all going to be very disappointed in Micah Owings. Whoo hoo a pitcher that can hit. That’s about all he brings to the table. I would rather have Homer Bailey up there every 5th day than Micah Owings.

    To me, this trade is now worse because we have Owings in it. We’re biting on an overhyped and overrated prospect that is going to disappoint here.

  13. Mr. Redlegs

    I guess you expected Gibson, Seaver and Carlton in exchange for a 7-week rental and paying $2 mil in salary.

  14. Dan

    Owings is overhyped and overrated? By who? He’s in AAA now! I think the timing may have been good on him — look at his ’07 and ’08 stats. His value must be a bit lower now than a year ago.

    Still… I hope Buck and Owings constitute better return than we would have gotten with, say, the #18 and #40 picks in the upcoming draft. Hard to say.

    (The timing may be good on Buck too, actually. He’s just starting his recovery from TJ surgery. If you wait a year until his performance comes back around… then his value has shot up and you can’t afford him.)

    I dunno… I’m willing to say the trade is a decent move.

    The fact is that 2 months of Dunn didn’t have a ton of value. It’s possible that its the 2 draft picks that we are forfeiting that’ll have even more value.

  15. nycredsfan

    I for one am excited so far about this trade. Owings’ numbers this year aren’t fantastic, but he seems to not be at 100% physically, plus he IS only 25 years old. Even if he is an average 4-5 starter, he won’t make much over the next few years, and having that extra legit bat on the bench could be really valuable.

  16. Mark in CC

    Yesterday everyone was complaining because they thought the players to be named were minor leaguer pprospects, they wanted a major league pitcher. We get a major league pitcher and now they complain that it isn’t a good enough one. Give me a break.

    Please remember Jocketty’s record for picking up under performing pitchers with good ability and turning them into champions. Now if we can get Dave Duncan we will be set.

    So far it seems they have gotten about as much as they could with the 2 we know about.

  17. Jack

    Duncan deserves the credit, not Jocketty. Look at Kyle Loshe this year,

  18. Jay Bruce for President

    kyle loshe had potential
    he was decent with us
    just inconsistant
    now hes good

    trade the cardinals crapperson foggy and a prospect for dave duncan
    heck ill take chris too!

  19. Travis G.

    I hate to see Dunn go, but a back-end starter/pinch hitter, young defensive catcher and starting pitcher prospect are a little bit better than two comp picks, and the team saves some money this season that can be used to ink Alonso. Owings and Wilkin Castillo (assuming the reports I’ve heard are correct) can help next year, and Buck might help when his elbow surgery heals up or fetch help in another trade.

    It looks to me as if Jocketty’s plugging in cheap role players to take over for the departing free agents and cutting (some) salary to go after that true middle-of-the-order hitter the Reds have lacked since Griffey declined. I’m a huge fan of Dunn, but it’s hard to find the right lineup spot for his skill set in a thin lineup.

  20. Matt Steele

    wow, I think some of you guys think that Micah Owings is the 2nd coming of Babe Ruth. Use him as a pinch hitter huh?

    He has 35 hits in 112 at bats. Decent, especially for a pitcher. But I mean we’re really reaching if we’re getting excited over the potential that he might get 50-60 at bats next year.

    He’s going to be 26 in September. Athletes generally reach their prime between ages 26-30. So we’re getting Micah Owings in the prime of his career with a career ERA of 4.97 and WHIP of 1.325

    He might not be an extreme homer prone pitcher but he does give up a lot of them and he certainly does walk his fair share of batters.

    If as Dusty said, the decision to trade Adam Dunn was made a long time ago. Then we should have tried to trade him before the year started and tried to get more out of him.

    However since we decided to wait til after the trading deadline, we should have waited, offered arbitration and taken the draft picks. Even if he wanted a contract that big, by offering arbitration I highly doubt that we would have had to pay anything close to that. Even if we did, it would have only been for one more year.

    Could have greatly expanded our options.

    Who knows though, maybe it was special assistant Bill Bavasi whispering into Jocketty’s ears

  21. Travis G.

    The only pre-deadline report I read had the D’backs offering Chad Tracy straight-up for Dunn. This package is better than that one, assuming it’s correct and there were no other offers.

    Also, comp picks still command somewhat lavish signing bonuses and won’t be ready for at least a season or two, if ever.

  22. Dave from Louisville

    Matt Steele – I couldn’t disagree with you more. The only reason the D’backs went out and got Dunn is because LAD went and snagged Manny. This is by far the best package you can get for a rental Type A FA.

  23. AnnapolisRed

    Matt Steele-Why can’t you understand that nobody wanted Dunn. This is the best they could do.

  24. Matt Steele

    I would rather have had draft picks then Dallas Buck and Micah Owings and some other player.

    I don’t disagree with the motives of the Dbacks.

    as for nobody wanting Dunn, that’s fine, but I don’t understand why the Reds didn’t want him