With yesterday’s trade, I’m in a depressed mood when it comes to the Reds.  Another losing season is in the works and the popular players are gone.  I’m tired of trying to explain to my 4 year old why his favorite players are no longer wearing a Reds uniform.  His response to hearing Griffey is now a member of the White Sox and Dunn is in Arizona was a simple, yet depressing “Oh Man!”  My reaction was laced with a few more four letter words and I’m sure the phrase “I Quit!” was muttered on numerous occasions.

It got so bad yesterday that I decided to become a fan of the game, most notably the history of the game, and bought a Brooklyn Dodgers cap to wear instead of the four or five Reds hats I own.  My son, when given the chance to pick his own hat, chose a White Sox cap. Big surprise! 

It has become extremely frustrating to pull for this franchise, a franchise that has been extremely dismal of late.  We, the fans (or at least me), have no clue which direction this franchise is going.  I hear, from our blessed media, that we are retooling.  I listen to fans make insane comments that an outfield of Hairston, Bruce, and Patterson is better than any outfield with Dunn in it.  I quake thinking I’m a fan of the same team as that guy.

Nonetheless, I keep repeating this quote in my head, a quote from a book I recently read.

…And yet I have stuck with them.  I do not expect points for this, [pats on the butt], attaboys, or even a stick of butter with which to floss.  Once I made the decision to cheer for that team, the die was cast.  Because a real fan never leaves his team … even if they leave him.

That quote is from Will Leitch’s book God Save the Fan.  Leitch is the founding editor of Deadspin.  Will, I’m trying to go with your philosophy!  It could always be worse:  Leitch’s team is the Arizona Cardinals.

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  1. Chris

    Reminds me of Jules at the end of Pulp Fiction. “I’m trying. I’m really trying.”

    My verdict on the Dunn trade, assuming it’s Owings or Scherzer: Tactical success; strategic failure.

  2. NickP

    I think Owings would be terrible. He’s barely average. His flyball tendencies won’t work in GABP very well, either.

  3. Y-City Jim

    Deaner, good sense of humor.

    Send me a Bruce jersey.

  4. Jay

    Is it just me or do the Reds becoming just like the Pirates??? Seriously, I don’t foresee a winning record for at least the next 3, 4, 5 years

  5. Y-City Jim

    Depends on the payroll that Castellini is willing to commit to.

  6. justcorbly

    I think many fans give too much credence to the notion that a team can have a “direction.” Management cannot control how long players remain with a team. In fact, it’s the mediocre and poor players who are likely to remain longer with a club because they attract little interest elsewhere.

    You can’t build for a long-term future. The future is only 3 or 4 years long.

    It is simply a fact that a good player will sooner, rather than later, demand a price that exceeds his value to the club. This happens on wealthy clubs and poor clubs. (Players simply demand more money from wealthy clubs.)

    It’s apparent to me that the Reds decided that Dunn’s forthcoming price was not commensurate with his value to the team. So, they put him on waivers and Arizona bit. Their judgement can be disputed, but the fact that Dunn is an imperfect ballplayer who has not turned the Reds into a winner cannot be disputed. Nor that his continued presence would have turned the club around. He may not be solely responsible for their record, but, by the same token, he couldn’t be responsible for their revival. (No single player can do that. Put Pujols in a Reds uniform and they’d still be below .500.)

    The Reds are a bad baseball team because they suffered for two decades or so of bad and indifferent ownership and bad and indifferent management. It will take more than a few trades and a few years of competent minor league effort to turn things around.

    I expect to see additional personnel changes, expecially in the off-season. No one on this team should assume he has a long-term future in Cincinnati.

  7. Chris W

    Thanks Deaner! My poor child can use whatever you can send. Seeing him walk around in his White Sox hat, and me in my Dodgers hat, just can’t continue.

    We’ll gladly accept anything you can provide! 😆

  8. per14

    How bad does the CoCo signing look now? It’d be great to have that 30ish million to spend this offseason.

  9. NickP

    Looks just as bad as it did before the season. Was terrible then, terrible now. A “great” closer was the last thing we needed.

  10. Travis G.

    My bold prediction: Shannon Stewart will patrol LF for the remainder of this season. He was born in Cincinnati, according to his baseball-reference page (exactly one year after I was, and now he’s washed up).

    Catch that excitement, Reds fans!

  11. Kurt Frost

    According to the Louisville newspaper, Chris Dickerson wasn’t in the lineup for the Bats last night because he had been called up. I haven’t seen that reported anywhere else.

  12. Y-City Jim

    I think the new Reds philosophy must be “hard working” because they have eradicated the team of players perceived as not “hard working” and Hal McCoys confirms that philosophy by saying the hitting problems are in no way Brook Jacoby’s fault because he is “hard working.”

    My guess is they are shooting for 15 Ryan Freels and 10 Bobby Livingstons.

  13. The Redhead

    I trust Walt Jocketty. Honestly, we all knew we were a good ways away from beign a winning team. Dunn and Griffey never helped us “get over the hump”. I am personally glad they are gone…I have watched other teams with low payrolls win with people no one knew of before. I’m okay with this, adn I know many of you see this as the Reds “giving up”, but I see it as “we are finally trying”!

  14. Chris

    “He may not be solely responsible for their record…”

    May not. How generous.

  15. Jared

    Deaner — I say buy 10,000 Rob Dibble throwbacks and have the kids wear those. Then Cincy would be the coolest city in the world.

  16. Ellis

    Offseason wishlist:

    Release/Let walk: Corey Patterson, David Weathers, Jeremy Affeldt, Paul Bako, Josh Fogg

    Sign: CC Sabathia, Oliver Perez, Rocco Baldelli, Dan Wheeler, Kyle Farnsworth

    Ship out: Homer Bailey, Bronson Arroyo

    Ship in: Hank Blalock, Jarrod Saltalamacchia

  17. per14

    The Redhead—I’m sorry but that logic doesn’t make sense. “Dunn never helped us get over the hump.” We never got over the hump because the catchers stink, Patterson gets hundreds of PAs, the clean-up hitter Phillips can’t get his OPS even to league average, Votto and EdE can’t make routine plays, all the shortstops are injured, there is no consistent starter behind Volquez, and our closer has lost it over the last month. Those are the reasons the Reds didn’t get over the hump. It’s not Dunn’s fault. His 900 OPS is not the reason.

    I don’t mean to rant, but I hear that logic all the time and it drives me nuts. If your team needs rehauled, you don’t start the process by getting rid of your best player. You go out and make him your third best player, or you surround him with equally good players.

  18. justcorbly

    As I’ve said, it’s a telling statement that Dunn was the best player on the tream.

    The Reds re not going to trade their way to glory because no one is going to give anything but prospects in any conceivable deal. They are not going to buy their way to glory because they lack the money to do that.

  19. Mark in CC

    If Dunn was the teams best player it speaks clearly about the team success the past few years.

    And please do not criticize other players defense while praising Dunn.

    Tell me the OPS of the highest Tampa Bay player

  20. Mark in CC

    Wow a first place team without a .900 OPS guy.

  21. per14

    Some of you really really need to take a basic logic class.

    Longoria’s OPS is lower than Dunn’s. The Rays are a much better team. It does not at all follow that the Reds would be a better team by getting rid of Dunn and his 900 OPS. And is Dunn’s defense bad? Okay, sure. But if you really think that Dunn’s defense was the reason this team couldn’t get over the hump, you’re completely delusional. I guess now they’ll be great with Patterson and his great glove getting more playing time.

    Look, I actually understand some of the rationale for getting rid of Dunn, because of his high salary expectations, his poor defense, and the fact that players similar to him usually diminish in value rather quickly post 30 years of age. But, this cockamaney BS about how the Reds are suddenly on the right track because they got rid of their most productive player and will replace him with scrappy players who “play the game the right way” is nonsense.

  22. Mark in CC

    The point is that this .900 OPS keeps being thrown up as though it is the only barometer to judge the value of of Dunn or any ballplayer. It is not the case. Also I was not making the point that Dunn’s defense was the reason for a bad team. The point was made earlier that you could point to Votto’s and EE’s bad defense for part of the teams poor success.My point is you can not talk about team defense being a problem and not include Dunn.

    I like the guy but he is not and never will be the franchise player some would like to have their hearts believe. He is an average to below average player is every area but walks and home runs where he is great. He has become good in rbi but that comes with the home runs. We would be better off with a guy above average in six categories that a guy great in three.

  23. per14

    RBI is a team stat. It’s not Dunn’s fault the player batting in front of him can’t get on base. It’s not Dunn’s fault Patterson batted lead-off for the first 2 months of the season. Dunn is great, GREAT, at the number one thing a player is supposed to do–create runs. He’s the 14th best player in the NL at doing that.

    If EdE and Votto hit like Dunn, I wouldn’t care about their poor defense. And I agree that Dunn may not be a franchise player. But that doesn’t mean you get rid of him. You keep him and find that franchise player. If he demands 100 million dollars plus, which he reportedly did (see John Fay’s recent blog post), then sure you probably get rid of him. But you don’t get rid of him simply because it will make the team better, which is all we’re hearing on the radio and reading in the newspapers.

  24. Dan

    Dunn was a big plus in creating runs and a small minus (mostly b/c he “only” played LF) in preventing runs.

    All in all, a very very valuable player.

    My gut level guess is that Dunn was the 2nd most valuable player on the team this year, behind Volquez, and that’s including his below average defense.

    Maybe the Reds will be better in the next couple years without him, maybe not.

    But the reason the Reds have been a below average team the last 5 years is NOT Adam Dunn.

  25. Shane

    Has it occured to any of you guys that the Reds had no choice? That just maybe Dunn did ask for things he knew he wouldn’t get so they’d get rid of him? That maybe he was sick and tired of playing on a losing team? You can’t really blame either party if that is the case. That would be my guess.

  26. Kevin

    Where’d you come from per14? Very good points, I’m going to leave the discussion up to you, better than I could explain it.

    In any case, I wanted to post that although we might be down and frustrated, please nobody give up. I’ve seen more than one post about switching to being a cubs fan, which is the most frustrating and pessimism-causing idea I can imagine (and I live in Chicago too. Fact is, it’s not and should not be a temptation). We are Reds fans. Being down/pessimistic about a current roster is much different from starting to wear another team’s hat. You guys might see me post some frustrated/negative things on here, but I can never imagine myself wearing the baseball cap of another team, in all honesty. I’m frustrated and negative because I want more than anything to see this team win. I hope that’s the attitude we can all have on this forum!

  27. per14

    Shane–Yeah, I agree the Reds probably had no choice. I just get mad when I hear people say or imply that this is actually a good thing, getting rid of a player of that caliber, that will make the team better in the long run. I suppose we have to wait and see what we get in return and how the Reds spend the money that had been devoted to Dunn. But, I don’t have much faith in the Reds’ management right now.

  28. Kerm

    I am so frustrated with Cincinnati media. It is like they will never be satisfied until we run out 8 utility guys who happen to have career years. I hear the argument that it really hasn’t worked with Dunn and Griffey these last 8 years. Excuse me how long did we complain about pitching before Dunn and Griff became the whipping boys. Remember how close we were in 06? Remember the bullpen implosion then? We were in first much of that season thanks to other players finally stepping up around Dunn and Griff. This included Ross having a career offensive year, Harang and Arroyo looking like a legitamate one two punch, and the emergence of Brandon Philips. If you look at the stat sheet you always got the performance out of Dunn no matter what the year, yet, he takes all of the blame. And this may be a rant, but I am frustrated to no end and don’t even see where the team is going. What are you going to do sign Pat Burrel? What free agents are we looking to sign to fill our void, and what is our plan for the future?