With yesterday’s trade, I’m in a depressed mood when it comes to the Reds.  Another losing season is in the works and the popular players are gone.  I’m tired of trying to explain to my 4 year old why his favorite players are no longer wearing a Reds uniform.  His response to hearing Griffey is now a member of the White Sox and Dunn is in Arizona was a simple, yet depressing “Oh Man!”  My reaction was laced with a few more four letter words and I’m sure the phrase “I Quit!” was muttered on numerous occasions.

It got so bad yesterday that I decided to become a fan of the game, most notably the history of the game, and bought a Brooklyn Dodgers cap to wear instead of the four or five Reds hats I own.  My son, when given the chance to pick his own hat, chose a White Sox cap. Big surprise! 

It has become extremely frustrating to pull for this franchise, a franchise that has been extremely dismal of late.  We, the fans (or at least me), have no clue which direction this franchise is going.  I hear, from our blessed media, that we are retooling.  I listen to fans make insane comments that an outfield of Hairston, Bruce, and Patterson is better than any outfield with Dunn in it.  I quake thinking I’m a fan of the same team as that guy.

Nonetheless, I keep repeating this quote in my head, a quote from a book I recently read.

…And yet I have stuck with them.  I do not expect points for this, [pats on the butt], attaboys, or even a stick of butter with which to floss.  Once I made the decision to cheer for that team, the die was cast.  Because a real fan never leaves his team … even if they leave him.

That quote is from Will Leitch’s book God Save the Fan.  Leitch is the founding editor of Deadspin.  Will, I’m trying to go with your philosophy!  It could always be worse:  Leitch’s team is the Arizona Cardinals.