I’ve really tried to tone down the attacks on the sports media.  I’m sure most of them are nice guys, and besides, other sites do that a lot better than I can.  Other than a spare remark about Jeff Brantley, I think we’ve gotten away from that sort of thing.  But this story in today’s DDN is just an incredible example of laziness and sloppiness.

  • The headline:  “Undrafted Hanigan makes Reds debut.”

As a Reds fan, I immediately remembered Hanigan’s callup, even though I wasn’t being paid to watch or write about those games.  At first, I was just going to blame the guy who wrote the headline, but McCoy’s article also refers to “Hanigan’s debut.”  So at least two guys, and probably 3 or 4 didn’t bother checking the media guide, baseball-reference.com, or their own memories of last fall.  I just don’t get it.