Rosecrans is speculating about what players will be coming to the Reds to complete the Dunn trade.  “Speculating” might be the wrong word – he’s reporting.  Let me just quote the whole post, which I ordinarily wouldn’t do:

When judging the Adam Dunn trade, don’t forget the two players to be named.

The one player announced was Dallas Buck and the other two players have to be minor leaguers. However, those two players to be named are on the Diamondbacks’ 40-man roster, a source tells The Lot D.

The Reds wouldn’t have done the deal without getting a Major League-ready pitcher. That means it’s either Micah Owings, Max Scherzer or Jailen Peguero. If it’s Owings or Scherzer, does that change your opinion of the deal?

Expect the other to be a position player, which would be catcher Wilkin Castillo or one of two first basemen, Javier Brito or Josh Whitesell.

I like Owings a lot, despite his sophomore slump.  Scherzer is certainly intriguing.  Either of those guys could step in front of Fogg and Homer.

Peguero is a non-prospect — think a poor man’s Nick Masset.  Castillo can’t hit. Brito is Sean-Casey-ish (.306/.396/.474, but only 53 HR in 484 games).  But he’s also 25 and has 18 games above AA.  Whitesell is similar, but older and not quite as good (.282/.393/.491).

I’m told by someone else that we’ll be pleased with the swag.  I’m generally exhausted by this team, but if we pull Owings or especially Scherzer for six weeks of Dunn, I’ll be pleased with this trade.  I’ll still be utterly lost as to who will provide the power next year, but I’ll be satisfied with the trade.

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  1. Chad

    Owings, I’d be happy with. The team will still be much worse next year.

  2. Y-City Jim

    Geesh!!! How long until our 40-man roster consists entirely of pitchers? Maybe this means they are moving Arroyo to the outfield next season.

  3. T Mart

    If the Reds are looking at DBack 1st Base farmhands, I would like to see them go after Bryan Byrne.

    He hits for average and judging from his K/BB ratio, has a good idea of the strike zone.

  4. rob

    I like Owings too. Plus the guy is a legitimate hitter. I’m a little disappointed to see Dunn go, but good God he and Griffey had been the face of the time for a long time and that combo generated virtually NO excitement.

    I saw that Castillo play in the Arizona Fall League last year. It was only one game but there 5 or 6 balls that got by him.

  5. Jay

    i understand building for the future, but you’ve got to have a vetern or two to help anchor things

    I like Owings, and I’d be fine with that … but if that’s not what the Reds get, this will be worse than the Kearns deal

  6. Chris

    I was excited by Dunn. Especially on days like this.

    Guys like Ryan Freel are exciting, just not very good.

  7. Ron

    Josh Whitesell is 26 and having a great year at AAA .331/.428/.564/22 HR/RBI 94

    If they decide to move Votto to LF, they could slide Josh into a platoon with Rosales as he is killing righties at a .350 clip.

  8. Chris

    IMO, you can’t compare this deal to the Kearns deal. Kearns and Lopez were both under contract for multiple years. Plus we threw in Ryan Wagner. At the time, those were all valuable assets. In contrast, Dunn is a free agent in 6 weeks.

    So long as the Reds were dead-set on trading Dunn, this trade is a “success” as long as the return > 2 sandwich compensation picks.

  9. Chris

    Good catch, Ron. Those are Tucson numbers, so discount accordingly. But he’s hitting.

    I would be very uncomfortable with handing the job to those too, though.

  10. AnnapolisRed

    Jay-What are you talking about. The kearns deal was good for the Reds. Kearns is awaful and so is Lopez.

  11. rob

    Let’s see. An outfield of Dickerson, Hairston and Bruce? Or perhaps Dickerson, Patterson, and Bruce? Or, with ’08 down the drain maybe the outfield will be an Encarnacion experiment in left with Dickerson in cf and bruce in rf, and Rosales getting a look at third? Personally, I’d like to see option number 3.

  12. Ron


    What else do we have going for us? We arent in the running for anything except scrapping to stay out of last place, I dont see how starting any of the young’ns matters at this point

  13. Jay Bruce for President

    Ill be happy with Scherzer
    have u ever seen this kid pitch?!
    there is something special there!
    and not just his two different colored eyes.
    owings i would also be happy with
    gives us a lefty for the rotation
    dunn being gone frees up alot of cash
    replacements will be here.
    there is hope

  14. rob

    Hey Mr. Redlegs,

    Fill me in. What, exactly, is the swag?

  15. Mr. Redlegs

    Not before the a.m. deadlines, boys.

  16. Ol Reds Fan

    Whenever I watch Dunn play it always comes to mind that movie with Selick, Mr. Baseball and going to Japan. “You have a hole in your swing”. Sure he could knock the cover off of the ball when he did hit it, but he didn’t hit much of anything else except by accident. I liked Dunn and was sorry to see him go, but believe that the chemistry of the team has got to change. We need more speed, better hitting for average and some guys that can hit for power behind that. I think that Votto and Bruce can hit for power. I believe that a tandem of healthy Keppinger and Hairston will work toward the top of the order, and send Patterson packing back to where ever he came from. Trade Patterson for a little league prospect, he is a bumm. I believe that Encarnacion is due for a breakout season, he has some talent. If we could just get everyone to throw him high heat he might hit 60 or 70 … As for 2nd base.. argh.. he really impressed me last year, and has leveled off this year. I believe he just got to full of himself and the other teams pitchers are bringing him back to earth.
    As for pitching, I sure hope Harang heals up and is ready for next year.

  17. Chris W

    What am I missing? Owings was 8-8 last season with a 4.30 ERA. Is hurt this year but has a 6-9 and a 5.93 ERA.

    Those numbers don’t make me giddy about the trade.

  18. Mr. Redlegs

    You’re in trouble whenever you talk about Keppinger and Hairston being part of the future starting lineup. They’re utility guys . . . even though I’m still not convinced Phillips won’t be traded.

  19. Mr. Redlegs

    Look past numbers. You’re a coach. What’s your eyeballs tell you?

  20. Chris W

    Phillips too? Man, my 4 year old could be turned off from baseball and the Reds for life!

  21. Mr. Redlegs

    Bah, since free agency players come and go. You just don’t do what my man VaRedsFan has done and purchase a whole closet full of Dunn and Griffey apparel and memorabilia. Eventually, ALL players leave. There’s new favorites around every corner.

  22. rob

    Look for Jocketty to follow his St. Louis blueprint. He traded for top flight, in their prime shortstops (R. Clayton and E. Renteria) and except for a three stint with Fernando Vina, 2nd base was an annual cattle call for the Cardinals during Walt’s tenure. So by that logic either Phillips moves to short or becomes trade bait.

  23. Tom

    I hope it’s Sherzer and Whitesell and not the swag (T-shirts and coffee mugs??) like others have proposed.

  24. Jay Bruce for President

    i thought owings was a lefty
    then nevermind
    ill take max!
    can we get some swag too?
    ill take a dunn Dbacks Jersey plz!

  25. Phill

    I like good players and swag in return. Can I get a Bob Melvin jersey?

  26. Phill

    Seriously though, when does it come out who the PTBNL are?

    Are we talking end of the season or will we see them soon enough?

  27. Mr. Redlegs

    Soon, Phill. One has yet to clear waivers.

  28. Jay Bruce for President

    i would say maybe a half week or a week
    just to make it look like a normal waiver deal

  29. Kykid

    There is no way that Scherzer is the PTNBL. They wouldn’t move him for Teixeira…why would they move him for Dunn? I also HIGHLY doubt it will be Owings. Most likely two forgettable players.

  30. Mr. Redlegs

    Okay we’re past a.m. deadlines and the answer is . . . .

    One PTBNL is . . . P Micah Owings.

    The other is . . . still to be determined among C Wilkin Castillo or 1bs Josh Whitesell or Javier Brito. My scout friend says it’s Castillo but a friend e-mailed and said Whitesell.

    My take? Owings is the centerpiece, Buck is a terrific addition, and the lesser of the three position players is Brito, but Wilkin makes more sense from the Reds standpoint. That likely means it’s Whitesell. Ha.

    I just don’t think the Diamondbacks would give up Owings-Buck-Whitesell for a 7-week rental. But there you have it!

  31. Matt Steele

    Max Scherzer would be awesome but I doubt it happens. Micah Owings is so overrated (because he’s a pitcher that can hit) that it will make this deal worse in my eyes. It will mean that we bit on another overrated prospect.

    You want to know how I feel about Micah Owings

    I would rather have Homer Bailey pitching every 5th day and I’m still undecided about whether I’d take Fogg above him too.

  32. JP

    Yeah, the D-backs wouldn’t give up scherzer for teixeira but they will for adam frickin dunn. Keep dreamin pal….

  33. G

    Sorry kids, there is no way in hell the D-Backs give up Scherzer (unless something is seriously wrong with his shoulder that they haven’t published, Majewski-style). They’re about as likely to thrown in Brandon Webb or Dan Haren. If they were trading Max, it would have been a straight up deal and the Reds would have eaten the entirety of Dunn’s remaining salary.

    Bob Miller, Reds asst. GM and former D-Backs exec, was on Kevin Kennedy’s XM show earlier and he said that both of the “players to be named later” are “major leaguers who you will know.”

    My guess: Owings and Miguel Montero. Maybe Alex Romero. However, I’m pretty sure Tuesday should have been Yusmeiro Petit‘s turn in the D-Backs’ rotation but Johnson is listed as the starter for some reason. It could be because of the the off-day Monday but Petit just might be on his way to the Reds. He is a much better pitcher than Owings, though nowhere near the hitter of course.

  34. Matt B.

    I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but regarding Dunn:

    How the hell was he supposed to be a college-level QB, especially for a school like Texas? His arm simply isn’t that good.

  35. Mike Martz

    I believe I am in a parallel universe.
    I turned on the t.v. and Brett Favre is a Jet, Ken Griffey plays for the Whitesox and Dunn is a D-Back. Someone tell me it’s not true! This has got to be a bad joke! I’m so used to saying just wait til next season, but this time it may not even be next season!
    Why couldn’t I have landed in the 70’s?
    Oh to be back in the 70’s when baseball was fun! 🙁

  36. GodlyCynic

    My eyes tell me that Micah Owings can’t fool nearly enough batters for a guy who throws that hard. He’s a current and future back of the rotation starter. Oh, but he can hit better than 2/3 of the Reds’ current outfielders. So that’s worth…nothing.

  37. Mr. Redlegs

    For those wondering about the waiver process, particularly those on the 40-man, if the agreed-upon players don’t make it through waivers, they can be withdrawn from waivers and be traded after the final game of the season. So we might see one or both PTBNLs named soon, or it could be right after the season. Either way, the Reds get the players they wanted.

  38. Mr. Redlegs

    Godly, you can teach a guy with velocity to throw other pitches; but if you ain’t got the arm, nothing much is helping you unless you’re a freak like Jamie Moyer.

    Also, the Reds have who at the back of their rotation?

  39. Matt Steele

    Two articles, two different quotes from Dusty:

    Dunn becomes a free agent after the season. Baker did not rule out the possibility of Dunn returning.

    “He could still come back,” Baker said. “You don’t know what could happen.”

    Now people in Cincinnati can stop wondering.

    “The decision of him not coming back next year was made long before now,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said.

  40. Travis G.

    From Baker’s quotes, it sounds like the Reds decided not to bring Dunn back. I suspect, however, that Dunn will re-sign with Arizona. Players really seem to like it there, and he seems like he’d enjoy the laid-back, frat house atmosphere their clubhouse supposedly has.

    I’m also beginning to suspect that Baker won’t be back, either.

  41. Mr. Redlegs

    They’re not swallowing $7 million just to get rid of Baker after one season. No way.

  42. Chris

    There’s likely neither a spot nor $$ in Phoenix, after this fall. Eric Byrnes’ hair is making big bucks, and the fans love them some scrappy.

  43. Dan

    And are you implying that this move “sets up” another big one, Mr. Redlegs?

    Is this speculation or coming from inside?

  44. Chris

    Agree with Mr. R on that. Baker might be fired next year, if they’re 10 games under .500 at the All-Star break. But that’s the absolute earliest.

    Odd, though, that he’s already covering his hind end with this “David and Goliath” nonsense.

  45. Dan

    Well to be fair… it’s a bad team right now.

    What sort of record do you think the current team would put together over 162 games? Think they could win 70?

  46. Chris

    I’m one of the few who thought this team was only a couple pieces away. They’ve underachieved, which IMO, falls on Baker. (Again, I’m not saying “fire him.”).

    I think if Bruce and Ross were in the lineup on opening day, this team had a chance to win 85 games. That wouldn’t be enough in this division/league, but I think they were okay.

  47. David

    The power may be coming via trade this winter. There are players which will be available and if the Reds manage to snare an Owings, then an abundance of starting pitching could be dealt for a bat. I would freak to see a Matt Holliday in Cincinnati.

    Additionally, with the subtraction of Dunn and Griff’s contracts, the Reds have approximately $25 million dollars which they can play with. Could we go after Tex? Would he sign? The FA market is slim on position players after those Tex and Manny, but there is a substantial amount of number 1b-2 starters. Sheets, Penny, Lowe, Garland, Lackey, and Burnett are all FA. I am not suggesting each guy would be a fit (or that they would sign) but I am suggesting that with the extra cash there is room to make which could help the team.

    The Reds seem to have positioned themselves nicely for improvement this winter.

    To say the least I am pleased that we did not stay idle just in hopes of getting that elusive winning season.

  48. Chris

    As smarter people than I have pointed out, they really don’t have $25M to spend. Lots of guys are due raises, some very significant: Harang, Arroyo, BP, Freel . . . who am I forgetting?

  49. John of Muncie

    Micah Owens does not a surplus of starting pitching make. And suitors aren’t exactly lining up for the likes of Homer Bailey or Josh Fogg or even Matt Belisle.

  50. Matt Steele

    Micah Owings again, is not that good of pitcher. There is nothing statistically or even from scouts that suggest that he’s going to be anything more than a back of the rotation starter, if that.

    He got overhyped because he could hit the ball. Whoo hoo, a pitcher can hit.

    As for this summer, I too would freak to see Matt Holliday playing for the Reds. However I think I would freak for a different reason. He’s the biggest Coors Field product since Vinny Castilla.

    There’s no good free agents that we will be able to outbid someone for (Sheets, CC or Tex) and I’m not sure who we’re going to trade in order to get someone of value.