Rosecrans is speculating about what players will be coming to the Reds to complete the Dunn trade.  “Speculating” might be the wrong word – he’s reporting.  Let me just quote the whole post, which I ordinarily wouldn’t do:

When judging the Adam Dunn trade, don’t forget the two players to be named.

The one player announced was Dallas Buck and the other two players have to be minor leaguers. However, those two players to be named are on the Diamondbacks’ 40-man roster, a source tells The Lot D.

The Reds wouldn’t have done the deal without getting a Major League-ready pitcher. That means it’s either Micah Owings, Max Scherzer or Jailen Peguero. If it’s Owings or Scherzer, does that change your opinion of the deal?

Expect the other to be a position player, which would be catcher Wilkin Castillo or one of two first basemen, Javier Brito or Josh Whitesell.

I like Owings a lot, despite his sophomore slump.  Scherzer is certainly intriguing.  Either of those guys could step in front of Fogg and Homer.

Peguero is a non-prospect — think a poor man’s Nick Masset.  Castillo can’t hit. Brito is Sean-Casey-ish (.306/.396/.474, but only 53 HR in 484 games).  But he’s also 25 and has 18 games above AA.  Whitesell is similar, but older and not quite as good (.282/.393/.491).

I’m told by someone else that we’ll be pleased with the swag.  I’m generally exhausted by this team, but if we pull Owings or especially Scherzer for six weeks of Dunn, I’ll be pleased with this trade.  I’ll still be utterly lost as to who will provide the power next year, but I’ll be satisfied with the trade.