The Reds are 6-17 since the All-Star Break. Wow, that’s bad. Maybe making the pitchers run more will help.

On the morning of July 13, the Reds were two games under .500. They fell off the cliff pretty quickly, huh?

This season is a complete disaster, and it has exhausted me. And there are still 43 games to play. Sheesh….

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  1. Y-City Jim

    It this something that just popped into Baker’s head in August?

    Actually I would like to see one of the players next spring undertake the leadership to push the entire team into aerobic fitness. The entire team could benefit from shedding some pounds, doing routine stretching, increasing their heart rates, etc. Plus as a daily team activity it might have some team bonding benefits.

  2. Phill

    Fans are exhausted time to make the pitchers exhausted too!! 😈

  3. david

    Seriously… I cannot stand the negativity. This site is becoming reknowned for it. Sometimes you guys remind me of Johnny (Randy Quaid) and crew from the Major League movies.

    Nobody expected the Reds to be contenders this year. The Reds young core has shown that they are for real. Bruce and Votto played well. Volquez was a great surprise. Cueto has had bumps but looks to turn into a very good middle of the rotation guy. We have 25 million coming off the books in Griff and Dunn and can do a lot with that kind of cash.

  4. Jared

    But we were just 2 heartbreaking losses away from sweeping the Mets and going 8-15 since the break!

  5. Sultan of Swaff

    This site is anything but the factless rants you hear from the fanboys on sports radio. I enjoy reading the thoughts of other dedicated fans who praise when deserved, and criticize when necessary…….and it’s really necessary right now. By ANY measure, this team was not supposed to be 15 games under .500 right now. Add that to 8 seasons of losing, and you’ll know why the anger is justified.

  6. Kevin

    Also, “nobody expected the Reds to be contenders this year” is definitely debatable. I remember reading several SI and ESPN articles that predicted the Reds to be a breakout team in 2008, with the first full seasons of Cueto/Volquez/Votto, along with some other very solid players like Cordero, Harang, Phillips, and Dunn.

    I dont know exactly what happened. I tend to despise Baker as much or more than anyone else on this site, but I’m not sure I’ve ever blamed him completely for this season.

    The point is, things have gone horribly wrong and as far as I’m concerned, the negativity is called for at this point. We’re here to discuss the state of the Reds, and if you ask me, the negativity should be flowing pretty naturally from that topic in these past few weeks.

    Concerning next year, you’re right, David, there is some potential and maybe a little reason for hope with the continuing growth of the youngsters. The problem is, we don’t have that much faith in the current management to actually do something with that potential.

    Let’s see what they get done this off-season, I hope I’m wrong and they do a good job filling our obvious holes and augmenting our strong, young-core, but I’m not so sure. I remember last year around this time we were saying the same thing, that we had a great young core of players and with a good off-season we could make something of it in 2008. That was Krivsky, this is Jocketty (and the Mariner’s guy), and I have to say I’m not so sure I have more faith in Jocketty.

  7. Kevin

    Also, we hear the argument made a lot that Dusty Baker really has very little influence in the team, and that all he does is pick line ups. But if Mark Sheldon actually has any idea what he’s talking about (which is in question), this article seems to inply that Baker actually does have say in roster decisions (“the roster moves he made on Sunday”).

  8. K-Patt

    Most of you guys make intelligent arguments and that’s what makes this sight a great read.

    Even if you do rip on my shitty hitting all the time. 🙂

    Being 19 1/2 back with a pretty talented team is enough to turn even the most hardcore fans negative, and at least you guys do it in an insightful and/or humorous way.

    Keep fighting the good fight and hopefully Dusty will choke on a toothpick soon.

  9. Dan

    The Reds are the 2nd worst team in baseball (by run differential… which is the best predictor of next year’s record)… and that’s with a MUCH BETTER than expected season by Volquez! And the bullpen!

    What do we really think they’ll be like next year? Realistically?

    I guess you could expect some turnarounds by EE (on defense), Harang, Arroyo…

    I just don’t trust that Castellini and Jocketty have a realistic view of where this team is.

    Oh, and as for the money… here are the raises some of the existing guys have coming for next year…

    Coco +3.5M
    Harang +4.25M
    Gonzalez +0.75M
    Arroyo +5.55M
    Phillips +2.0M
    Freel +1.0M

    That’s $17 million right there, just to already-determined raises to 6 guys.

    I think the $25M coming off the books will basically be a wash with raises.

    (Free agency is never the answer for a team like this anyway…)

  10. Phill

    Free Agent market is pretty scarce with talent anyways.

    You’ve got two top tier pitchers looking to land monster contracts in CC Sabathia and Ben Sheets. The best position player is probably Rafael Furcal who has been injured most the year and wants to resign with the Dodgers.

    Freed up a ton of money means nothing if there is nobody to spend it on.

  11. Y-City Jim

    Seriously… I cannot stand the negativity. This site is becoming reknowned for it. Sometimes you guys remind me of Johnny (Randy Quaid) and crew from the Major League movies.

    While some negativity exists, most of what you will read here is criticism. Criticism is not negativity. It is an appraisal of what is seen from the perspective of those who post here, and most of those people put a lot of thought into their posts.

    I don’t think everyone thought the Reds would necessarily be contenders but they certainly thought they could be competitive.

    Finally, if the Reds let Dunn walk this year’s offense will look like Murderer’s Row compared to next year’s.

  12. david

    First, the Reds were the sexy pick because most didn’t see the NL Central being and some thought the Reds youth could steal some games much like Arizona last year.

    Second, criticism is not “this season is a complete disaster.” Criticism is knowing all variables and debating the conclusion reached. The problem is, much like the Dunn trade or the Kearns/Lopez trade, the variables are not known, and the arguments are uninformed.

  13. mhopp

    Yes, the Reds were the “Dark Horse” by several magazines. If you could remove one person on this team to improve it, who would it be? Just one? Dusty Baker must be the top pick. We all read that he is given a lot of control in his management jobs. Him getting Crappy Patterson is the biggest example, and then to still be playing him in the top of the line up, or any part of the line up for that matter!! This team will go little to no where until they get a good manager that knows how to coach and teach players about the game. When is the last time this team has focused on doing defensive drills? What a fool to say “Making the pitchers run more” will help! This man is a complete moron! ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗