The Reds have hired former Angels and Mariners GM Bill Bavasi as a special assistant. Bavasi, of course, has spent the last five years destroying the Seattle organization. Crosley Field Terrace is not impressed.

–Reds AA farmhand Sam Lecure took a perfect game into the 8th inning last night in Chattanooga.

–Aaron Harang is returning to the starting rotation on Sunday. Let us all rejoice.

–CFT points to this Forbes study about fan loyalty in sport. It’s an interesting topic, though the methodology seems to be screwy.

2 Responses

  1. jimredsfan

    Was at the Mustangs game last night, lefthanded kid pitched 7 innings 1 hit ball he is 5-1. Mustangs are 10-1. Cody Puckett went deep twice. New ballpark is beautiful!! Go Reds!!!

  2. Man Mountain


    But what’s the point of hiring Bavasi at all, especially at this point in the season?

    His history of transactions suggests that he’s a dismal evaluator of talent, both his own organization’s and that of others. Dismal.

    His time in Seattle and Anaheim suggests that he doesn’t have a particular knack for roster construction, and his time in Seattle suggests that he’s not at all responsible managing a large payroll.

    What do the Reds want him to do that we, knowing his history, feel comfortable with him doing?

    First, Dusty Baker was just coming to Cinci for an interview, nothing to get worried about.

    Next, Jocketty was just friends with Bob C., no harm done if he wants to join on in advisory role.

    Then, the Reds just signed Corey Patterson to a minor league contract, no big deal. He won’t get many at bats.

    Well, maybe Patterson makes the opening day roster, but it’s not like he’s going to start and bat leadoff, ya know?

    With this organization, I find it wise to worry first and be pleasantly surprised later — when they actually use someone in the organization correctly. Not that I can think of an example at the moment…