My son is six weeks old.  My wife is from Chicago, so ours is a house divided.  That fact, magnified by two sets of overzealous grandparents, means that he’s already equipped with has the full compliment of both Reds and Cubs gear.  I was looking in my son’s room tonight and saw this:

We’re going to the Reds vs. Cubs game on September 7, and tonight, for the first time, I thought, “To heck with it – let him wear the Cubs stuff.”

I’m really, really, really sick of this team and its pathetic, disinterested baseball.

2 Responses

  1. Chad

    I don’t know about letting him wear Cubs stuff — that may be going a little far — but I’m with you on the Reds. It’s getting extremely difficult to watch the same junk every night.

  2. art

    I feel like Statler & Hilton on The Muppets where they sang at the start of the program, “Why do we always come here? I guess we’ll never know. It’s like a kind of torture to have to watch this show.”
    My son-in-law is a Cubs fan. I used to tell him that it is child abuse to cause my grand daughter and grand son to grow up Cubs fans. But I have nothing to say anymore, thanks to this team.