The Reds are going to win the last three games of this series, and that begins tonight with Johnny Cueto on the mound. Go Reds!

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  1. pinson343

    I was thinking the same thing, we sweep the next 3. Harang back on Sunday !

  2. Phill

    Definately would be nice to see them win a game.

    Also be nice to get out of the first inning without giving up a win.

  3. Shane

    Don’t know where else to put this but:

    The Cincinnati Reds have hired former Seattle and Anaheim general manager Bill Bavasi as a special assistant.

    Bavasi was vice president and general manager for the Angels from 1994-99 and executive vice president and general manager of baseball operations for the Mariners from 2003 through June 15, when he was fired.

    The 50-year-old comes from a family with strong baseball ties. He is the son of longtime baseball executive Buzzie Bavasi and his brother, Peter, was general manager of the Padres, founding president of the Toronto Blue Jays and president of the Cleveland Indians.

    Bill Bavasi started his professional baseball career with the Padres in 1974. He also was the Dodgers’ director of player development in 2002 and 2003 before joining Seattle.

    from Yahoo

  4. Phill

    So much for my whole get out of the first inning without a run.

    So they hired Bill Bavasi? I had heard they hired a new ‘assisstant’ for Jocketty but hadn’t heard the actual name. Very interesting. If Jocketty wasn’t Castellini’s buddy I’d say impending doom.

  5. Ron

    Well, with our inept offensive machine, that about puts this game out of reach …

  6. pinson343

    If Hairston can’t play, why is on the roster ? If Cabrera can play, why is he on the bench again, especially against a LHP ?

  7. Ron

    You dont really think Crusty is going to put in Cabrera to play over Bakerson do you?

  8. Ron

    I see Dunn is back to normal .. hot streak is over, look forward to 5 to 6 weeks of Ks & the ocassional HR.

  9. Matt B.

    Not exactly the guy I want helping make front office decisions.

    Anyway, I’m still confused as to why the Reds seem to be waiting until Sept. 1 to call some youngsters up. It’s a lost season; at least help the organization out by seeing what the Reds do or do not have.

  10. Matt B.

    Get ready to make that same post again in three weeks.

  11. Phill

    Three weeks? That’s being generous!

  12. mhopp

    Sam Lecure pitching perfect game through 5 for AA Chattanooga

  13. Ron

    And that is why I just love CP so much, he sucks on so many levels its beyond rediculous that Crusty puts him in the lineup

  14. Ron

    I saw Daryl Thompson made a rehab appearance today also with the GCL squad

  15. mhopp

    Sam Lecure pitching perfect game through 7 innings now 3-0 Lookouts!

  16. mhopp

    When you’re a Reds fan and want to remain optimistic you have to resort to AA and AAA teams. Louisville leading 2-1 and if they win they’ll be 25 games above .500 at 73-48

  17. mhopp

    Matt Maloney was pitching good at AAA and was taken out after 76 pitches after 5ip…wondering if he may come back up?

    Perfect game over by Lecure single in 8th inning

  18. mhopp

    What a fundamentally sucky team…even the pitcher makes an error to help lose the game. I can always count on the reds doing one thing…screwing up…thanks coaches and managers!

  19. Kevin

    “even the pitcher…” who we traded for Ken Griffey Jr. “…makes an error to help lost the game.”

  20. mhopp

    Don’t worry Stormy Weathers is coming in. Game over 🙄

  21. Matt B.

    Get the ball over the plate. Geez Louise.

  22. Matt B.

    Oops, stupid me. I mixed up the protocol on when to use the closer in extra innings game if you’re the home team.

  23. brublejr

    We are paying Coco 40 mil for what exactly???

    Just Terrrible

  24. DevilsAdvocate

    Weathers did better as a “closer” than Cordero has. This is bull.

  25. mhopp

    Yep, a new screw up every night. Cordero sucks tonight!

  26. mhopp

    Louisville now 73-48 and Rick Sweet won his 1300th game this year…why is this manager in the minors? Something tells me he just does his job and is not an a$$ kisser. I’m worried about the “Buddy System” going on in the Reds organization! Dusty-Cory, Bob-Walt
    This sux, I’ll watch the minors instead.

  27. Chris

    Dave Miley won a TON of games in the minors, too. So let’s not go annointing saviors just quite yet.

  28. Phill

    Dusty Baker has 1,212 wins in the MAJOR LEAGUES.

    Cordero probably suffers from the fact that he doesn’t get to pitch even close to regularly. It’s not a great excuse but when a reliever doesn’t pitch for almost a week at a time it can mess with them. Another thing I’ve noticed is that he doesn’t seem to do too well in non-save situations. Wether it’s a blowout loss or a tie game in extras he seems to struggle.

  29. Dave from Louisville

    Cordero is an energy guy. He feeds off the moment. This team sucks, you can’t blame him for not being able to get pumped up.

  30. Shawn

    I can blame Cordero for not getting pumped up. He has 44 million reasons to get pumped up.

  31. brublejr

    For a guy of Cordero’s stature (being a closer), it should NOT matter what the situation is in terms of getting pumped up.

    You just gotta look at it realistically, when he stuff has movement he is good, when it doesn’t he is downright terrible.

    At some point I would like to enjoy the days of knowing once the 7th inning came and the Reds were winning it was automatic. We haven’t had that since the nasty boys.

  32. Shane

    Agreed. Hell, I’d rather have Weathers closing for the money we are paying him over Cordero for the money we are paying him.