There is an excellent chance that this is just a negotiating ploy, but according to the Miami Herald, Reds first round pick Yonder Alonso may be going back to school:

Alonso, a first-round pick whose contract negotiations with the Cincinnati Reds has have a snag, told The Miami Herald on Thursday he has signed up for fall classes at UM, and there is ”a 50-50 chance” he will be playing first base next year for the Canes.

”Coming back is definitely an option I’m thinking about,” said Alonso, 22, who hit .370 last season, with 24 home runs and 72 RBI and led UM to the College World Series.

“If we can’t get this thing resolved, I’ll be very happy to come back to Miami, break some records and go back to Omaha [Neb.] and finish the job. I always said if worse comes to worse, I’m going back to school.”

One of Alonso’s advisors, Brian Peters, said recently that the Reds and Alonso were way off on figures, and that if contract negotiations weren’t completed, Alonso would either return to UM or go to the Independent League, ”likely the latter.” But another advisor, Mike Maulini, said the family prefers that Alonso return to school.

The Reds only have one more week to sign Alonso, as the deadline for major-league teams to sign draft picks is Aug. 15. Take that for what it’s worth.

Meanwhile, the 2008 Cincinnati Reds would need to win 65 percent of their remaining games to achieve that winning record that Bob Castellini wants so much. We’d love that too, Mr. Castellini, but I got news for you…it ain’t happening.

I’d love to get some good news about the Reds today. Seems like nothing is going right lately.