Seriously, what is going on?

Jared Burton had no idea that a little pain in the back of his shoulder was going to lead to nearly a month on the shelf.

“It’s frustrating,” Burton said. “I was going to try to test it Monday in a game situation but it wouldn’t cooperate.”

Burton has a strained lat muscle. It happened when he started throwing again after a long delay in the July 6 game with Washington.

Burton pitched once since then, an inning July 9.

The Reds hoped that shutting Burton down for the three-game series right before All-Star break along with the All-Star break itself would do the trick.

Three weeks later, Burton is still struggling with the injury.

“It feels good when I long toss,” he said. “But when I get on the mound and go at game speed, I feel it.”

Burton is going to try throwing today, but I’m starting to get seriously concerned.