–As Chris W already noted in today’s DOTF, Aaron Harang made a good rehab start last night in the minors. John Fay asked Dusty if Harang was ready to return. I certainly hope so.

The Reds are beginning to move on without Griffey. Well, that’s nice to know.

–The Reds have played 113 games. Thirty-three of those games have been started by rookie pitchers. I think we were all deluding ourselves when we thought this team had a chance to contend. Everything would have had to go right for that to happen…and you see where we’ve ended up.

–Fay says that the outfield of the future has yet to surface. Wait, I thought the outfield of the future was supposed to be some combination of Adam Dunn, Austin Kearns, Junior Griffey, and Wily Mo Pena?

Or was it (Dmitri) Young, (Mike) Frank, and (Chris) Stynes?

For what it’s worth, I’m very concerned about next year’s outfield. If Dunn is resigned, that will help considerably, but even so, there is liable to be an offensive sinkhole in center field next season.

If Dunn isn’t resigned, I’m scared to death that we’ll have to watch some combination of Jay Bruce, Jerry Hairston, Ryan Freel, and Chris Dickerson out there. Ugh. That would be simply disastrous.