April 13, 1964: In the midst of Beatlemania, with the Fab Four holding the top 5 spots on the Billboard chart of the top-selling singles, the Reds lose, 6-3 to Houston on Opening Day before 28,110 at Crosley Field. Bob Skinner homered for the Reds.

The Reds added names to the backs of the uniforms for the first time in 1964. the practice began as a Bill Veeck innovation with the Chicago White Sox in 1960. the Reds were the only team in major league history to play the player’s name under the uniform number, a practice the club followed from ’64 through ’66. the CF wall at Crosley field was extended 9 ft. in ’64 with a wooden backdrop designed to block moving traffic on I-75 from the eyes of the batter at home plate. The section of highway adjacent to Crosley Field opened in October 1963. A yellow line was painted to separate the old and new portions of the wall during the ’65 and ’66 seasons. Any batted ball striking the wooden extension above the line was a HR. Because of several controversial calls by umpires, who had difficulties in determining whether a ball struck above or below the line, it was removed in ’67 and the entire wal was put in play.

All “Reds trivia” posts come from Greg Rhodes and John Snyder’s fabulous book, “Redleg Journal” (see link for purchasing) and are used with Greg’s permission.

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