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So long, Junior. We’re going to miss you.

Ken Griffey, Junior

John Erardi asks whether Junior can handle center field for Chicago. I have serious doubts about whether he can.

–It’s time for the Reds to look to the future.

–Junior talk was in the air all day long, according to Rory Glynn of the Enquirer, who ignores all the craziness among Reds fans on the blogs yesterday.

–John Fay has something of a trade timeline, and here’s a Junior timeline.

–If you really want to cringe, you can meet the new Reds.

–Johnny Bench thinks it was a good trade. So the Reds have that going for them, which is nice.

–And here are the two dumbest articles published in the wake of the Junior trade: Mark Curnutte (Enquirer) reports that the Bengals players are okay with the trade (wow, that’s a relief), and Mark Gokavi (DDN) declares that Griffey, Jr., and former/current Packers QB Brett Favre just aren’t what they used to be. Good grief; the absurdity has reached new highs.

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–Justin analyzes the trade, as only he can. I agree with his summary completely:

With this trade, the Reds managed to dump a financial and performance liability and come out of it $4 million richer next season. I don’t expect that the players they’re receiving in return for him will amount to much of anything, but given that they are making the league-minimum, it doesn’t matter all that much. Overall, I think the Reds “win” this deal.

From a sentimental standpoint, though, this is kind of a tough pill to swallow. I’m going to miss having Griffey on our team. I liked knowing he was there, and was proud of have him on our team–even if his skills were no longer an asset.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Thanks, Junior, and Go White Sox!

Here is GM Walt Jocketty on the trade, and here’s what Adam Dunn had to say. And, for good measure, here is the official press release.

–I started to read this “What If?” column from the Enquirer, but I read the words “Pokey Reese” and then I threw up on my keyboard. It’s probably a good read, though; it has some quotes from our buddy Greg Rhodes.

Marty Brennaman was shocked by the deal.

Here’s ESPN’s Keith Law, one of my favorite analysts, on the trade.

–“Like Rose, Griffey not always loved.” Indeed, and it’s a shame.

Enquirer editorial on the trade.

–“Disappointing Griffey era ends in Cincinnati.”

–Greg Silverman in the DDN says that fans have mixed emotions. No question about that.

–Perspectives from the Chicago Tribune (thumbs up) and The Sporting News (hat tip to Red Reporter).

Meet 2B Danny Richar. If you must.

No other deals were completed before the deadline, and I can’t say I’m very happy about David Weathers and Josh Fogg remaining on the roster. They could still be dealt, however, if they pass through waivers.