FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal is reporting that Ken Griffey, Jr. has been traded to the Chicago White Sox. As we all know, any trade is subject to Griffey’s veto, and Rosenthal says he’s expected to make a decision on that this morning. asks a great question:

The fit is unclear, as the Sox have Carlos Quentin and Jermaine Dye in the corners and Jim Thome at DH. Perhaps they’ll try Griffey at first base?

That question really is a great one, but frankly, any trade that gets Junior to a contender, in exchange for anything, is a good one in my book. So long as it doesn’t mean Corey Patterson seven days a week.

Huge hat tip to reader nycredsfan.

UPDATE (from Chad): Chris and I posted this at the same time, so I deleted my post and I am adding my thoughts from that post here…

No way to evaluate this without knowing what the Reds will be receiving in return. Of course, many of you would trade Griffey for a bag of balls. I’m not in that camp. I’m just sentimental like that, I guess. I would be sad to see the guy go (which isn’t to say that I’m opposed to trading him).

I’ll tell you one thing: if this trade goes through, I’ll be cheering for the White Sox to win the World Series.

UPDATE 2 (by Chad): I wouldn’t put too much stock in this yet, but Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune just speculated on ESPN Radio that Nick Swisher might be headed to the Reds in this trade. I find that hard to believe, but we’ll see.

UPDATE 3 (by Chris):  Will Carroll confirms the story.  He also notes that David Weathers is likely headed out.  This presumably lessens Chad’s pain.

UPDATE 4 (by Chris):  DONE deal.  Reds sending cash to the South Side.  No official word yet, but some reports Reds get two marginal talents:  reliver Nick Masset (5.63 ERA, 1.78 WHIP in 93 IP) and 25-year-old minor league IF Danny Richar (.288/.339/.440 career line), who sounds a lot like Jerry Gil without the power upside.