For what it’s worth, the owner showed up in Houston last night. Bob Castellini says it was just an innocent visit, but one has to wonder (as I did in last night’s game thread):

hen the owner shows up 48 hours before the trade deadline and meets behind closed doors for an hour with the general manager and field manager, you might take it as a sign of a shake-up.

But Reds CEO Bob Castellini said he was in Houston to lend encouragement in some rough times for his club.

“I was in Colorado,” he said. “It was a good opportunity to swing by, give everybody moral support. This is the time of year you can lose confidence. That shouldn’t happen with a team of this caliber.

“That Rockies series was rocky. It was the worst series that we’ve had since we’ve owned the team. These fellows are better than that and so are the managers and coaches behind them. We’re all better than that.”

The Rockies series was rocky. Heh.

Castellini showed up Tuesday. He met with GM Walt Jocketty, manager Dusty Baker and Jocketty’s two top assistants, Bob Miller and Jerry Walker, for about an hour in the visiting manager’s office.

“It’s discouraging and frustrating,” Castellini said. “We’ve got talent on this team, and we don’t want anyone to lose their confidence. We’ll take it one day at a time.”

Here’s my prediction: the Reds will be involved in no major trades before the non-waiver trading deadline. Maybe David Weathers will get dealt (dare to dream), maybe Jeremy Affeldt, but nothing significant is going to happen.

At the end of the year, the Reds are going to let Adam Dunn walk. Next year, the Reds will have an outfield of Jay Bruce, Jerry Hairston, Jr., and Ryan Freel/Norris Hopper. The mouth-breathers that call in to the radio shows on WLW will be ecstatic because of all the hustle in the outfield. Meanwhile, the Reds will lose 95 games.

Just my prediction.