This morning, John Fay has a little piece in the Enquirer that purports to clear up the confusion regarding Dusty Baker’s dislike for bases on balls:

“Contrary to popular belief, there’s no way I said I’m opposed to walks,” (Baker) said. “They’re a big part of the game. It’s how you walk.

“The key is if you get a good pitch to hit, whack it. As a hitter, if you get a good pitch to hit and you hit it hard, you’ve done your job. … If you do that seven out of 10 times, you’ve got to a good chance of getting four or five hits.”

Monday’s game showed that aggressive hitters can use patience and patient hitters can use aggression.

Fay goes on to discuss Brandon Phillips and Adam Dunn.

Conspicuously absent from the discussion is any mention of the guy Baker “hit” in the leadoff spot again on Tuesday: Corey Patterson. Patterson’s updated numbers after another 0-4 night: .185 BA, .219 OBP, .327 SLG, adding up to an OPS of 545 .183 BA, .216 OBP, .322 SLG, adding up to an OPS of 538.

That’s right, Dusty Baker led off with a guy whose on-base percentage is .216.

Now, I’m not in the camp that is calling for Baker to be fired. I would, however, like to know why no one in the local media ever calls Baker to account for how he rationalizes putting Patterson in the leadoff position.

Redleg Nation wants answers, Dusty! We think we’re entitled to them. We want the truth!