–Ken Griffey, Jr., made a “death gesture” at broadcaster Jeff Brantley after hitting a home run recently. It’s awesome that Junior doesn’t like Brantley, because Jeff Brantley is, by far, the worst broadcaster the Reds have ever had (at least, during my lifetime). He’s just awful. (And this isn’t the first time Brantley has had issues like this.)

I loved the guy as a pitcher, but if I ever have to listen to his stupid cowboy shtick again, I’m going to explode.

–Aaron Harang is starting to feel better:

Aaron Harang felt a little too good for his own good.

“It felt really, really good,” he said, “so good that I got in the rapid-fire mode. I had to stop myself.”

Harang gave his strained right forearm its toughest test so far – throwing 31 pitches in a bullpen session.

“Ten punchouts,” Harang joked. “I threw one ball, a little low. It was border line. Could have gone either way.”

It looks like Harang is at least two weeks away from returning, though. Jerry Hairston, Jr., meanwhile, is starting a rehab assignment, and Jared Burton hopes to be back by the end of the week.

–Jay Bruce is excited to play in Houston. This article reminds me of similar pieces about Adam Dunn when he arrived on the scene.

–The Reds have released the player whose hard slide preceded the recent brawl in Dayton. Still no word on suspensions arising from that melee.