Bronson Arroyo doesn’t want to be traded:

Arroyo would like to be part of future with Aaron Harang, Edinson Volquez, Johnny Cueto, Daryl Thompson, Homer Bailey and Co.

“I definitely want to be,” he said. “The last two years we haven’t had anywhere near the pitching staff we have now. Volquez and Cueto have been great. Thompson surprised a lot of people when he came up here. Homer is looking more comfortable and a lot better. I feel like — and everyone around here feels like — things are starting to roll here. I don’t think there’s a reason to panic and ship a lot of guys out of here. Adam (Dunn) is the only guy who is kind of in predicament where he’s going to have to sign long-term deal or they’re going to have to do something with him. Guys like myself and Harang, we’re locked in. If they’re willing to stick with us and pay the salary, we’ve got a good shot at doing things we haven’t done in a while.”

Castellini hasn’t said anything to Arroyo directly.

“But I hear him talking,” Arroyo said. “He’s optimistic. I don’t see him packing it in and taking the money.”

Arroyo is 5-0 with 3.09 ERA in his last five starts. If he keeps pitching like that, I wouldn’t want to see him traded, either.

Meanwhile, GM Walt Jocketty says there will be no salary dump, for what that’s worth.