With all the discussion about former Red Josh Hamilton, I wanted to mention one other thing. I’m very happy with Edinson Volquez, who came over from Texas in the Hamilton trade.

Admittedly, I wavered last night for the first time on whether I was in favor of the trade. After a few minutes, however, I returned to my former line of thinking: I’d do the trade again today if I had the choice. You just can’t find young starting pitchers like Edinson Volquez growing on trees.

On the trade:

“I’m glad it happened to me,” Volquez says. “I love it here (in Cincinnati). It’s a great feeling when somebody says, ‘We believe in you.’ “

We believe in you, Edinson.

Read the rest of that article. Lots of great quotes from Volquez, including a nice look at his background, and his thoughts about Cincinnati. There’s even some good stuff from Wayne Krivsky, including this:

When Krivsky traded Hamilton – the popular outfielder with the Hollywood story of overcoming years of drug addiction and no major-league experience to star with the Reds in 2007 – Krivsky expected to be vilified by Reds fans.

Krivsky: “I figured, ‘There goes the Christmas holiday. We’re going to get hammered for this.’ ”

But he never took a beating over the trade.

“I was impressed with Reds fans being able to separate their affection (for Hamilton) and looking at the guy (Volquez) we got in return,” says Krivsky, who also noted Herrera’s successful debut with the Reds last month.

Some Reds fans aren’t as dumb as Krivsky thought. That’s good to hear. Either way, it was a good trade, and I’d make it again in a heartbeat.