Yes, this is an off-topic post. I just can’t bear to think about the Reds right now (even though the road trip just completed could have certainly gone worse).

Recently, Rob Neyer (subscription required) posted his ranking of the best Pixar movies. In order, they were: 1. Ratatouille, 2. Toy Story 2, 3. Monsters, Inc., 4. The Incredibles, 5. Toy Story 6. A Bug’s Life, 7. Wall-E, 8. Finding Nemo, 9. Cars.

Let me just state unequivocally here that Rob is wrong on this one. Here are my rankings, and I’ve seen them all (and enjoyed them all, except for one…see the last movie on my list).

1. The Incredibles
2. Toy Story
3. Cars
4. A Bug’s Life
5. Toy Story 2
6. Finding Nemo
7. Monsters, Inc.
8. Ratatouille
9. Wall-E

Again, the top 8 on that list were all outstanding. Just different shades of excellent. (For example, there isn’t much difference between Ratatouille being #8 on my list and #1 on Rob’s list; I didn’t like it as much as the first 7, but it is still a wonderful film.)

Wall-E, on the other hand, was not good. Not good at all. Very slow in parts, and the good parts just couldn’t compete with the snooze factor.

Of course, my kids just loved Wall-E, so maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about (keep your snide comments to yourself). But I’m as big a Pixar fan as you’ll find, and the latest offering is the first one in which I was disappointed. The other eight have a “rewatchable” rating that is off the charts. I venture to say that I will never watch Wall-E again.

Okay, give me your ratings…and tell me how wrong I was with my rankings.