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RAYS SUPERHERO: “Alas! I will strike you down now!”
Bill James: “That swing looks like Big Klu.”
Bill: “Ted Kluszewski. Big hitter for the Reds in the 1950s. Did you know that in baseball history there have only been seven seasons where a batter hit 40 or more homers and struck out 40 or fewer times. Joe DiMaggio did it once. Lou Gehrig once. Ted Kluszewski had three of those seasons.”
RAYS SUPERHERO: “Really? That’s interesting.”
Bill: “Yeah, he was actually discovered by a Reds groundskeeper.”
RAYS SUPERHERO: “By a groundskeeper? Really?”
JOE MADDON (into ear piece): “Get that guy! Save the game already!”
RAYS SUPERHERO: “Did you know that Ted Kluszewski was discovered by a groundskeeper?”

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