John Fay made an off-hand comment about former #1 draft choice Drew Stubbs that got me wondering what you guys thought:

(By the way, Drew Stubbs, the eighth pick overall in the 2006 draft, is hitting .267 in Single-A at age 23).

Is this guy ever going to pan out? I confess that I’ve always been skeptical about Stubbs, but he has shown some flashes of brilliance. He’s .263/.367/.410 on the year. That’s a decent OBP, especially with the poor batting average, and he’s reputed to be pretty good in the field, but he’s a below-average hitter in a league where he is older than most legitimate prospects.

At some point, you’d think Stubbs would have to take a big step forward, and it just hasn’t happened. There’s no question in my mind that he has all the tools…will he ever be a good major leaguer?