Congratulations to Reds SP Edinson Volquez:

Reds starter Edinson Volquez didn’t learn he was an All-Star on Sunday until after he finished his six-inning start vs. the Nationals. Volquez and 28,814 fans at Great American Ball Park found out at the same time.

“When they took me out of the game, they put my name on the scoreboard,” Volquez said.

The news wasn’t that shocking, though.

“I had a good feeling about it,” Volquez said.

As he should’ve. In just half a season, Volquez went from relative unknown to National League All-Star when he was named Cincinnati’s lone representative at the July 15 All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium. Reds right fielder Ken Griffey Jr. finished fourth in the balloting and was not named to his 14th All-Star Game as a reserve. Only the top three outfielders are named starters.

The winner in a 6-5 Reds victory over the Nationals with six innings and three earned runs allowed, Volquez is 11-3 with a 2.36 ERA and 116 strikeouts this season. He’s allowed only four home runs this season and has given up more than two earned runs in just four of his 18 starts.

“I’ve got my mother here. I’m going to take her to the All-Star Game,” said Volquez, who finished second behind Arizona’s Brandon Webb on the players’ ballot. “I’m excited. This is my first full season in the big leagues, and I made the All-Star Game. Everybody has a dream. A lot of pitchers want to win the Cy Young Award or go to the All-Star Game.”

If you had predicted back in April that Volquez would be an All-Star, no one would have believed you. After the the last three months, however, it’s a well-deserved honor.

I don’t really care about the All-Star game either way, but I admit to being a bit disappointed that Junior Griffey wasn’t voted in, after all. It just would’ve been nice to see the guy play in Yankee Stadium, since Griffey made a little history this year. Like Junior, however, I won’t be losing any sleep over it.