Yes, Jared Burton pitched poorly, and yes, Corey Patterson looked like a Little Leaguer (as usual) in the at-bat that ended the game, but it’s time, once again, for a David Weathers rant. I’m so sick of Weathers, I could scream. In fact, I think I will scream. Be back in a moment….

…okay, that’s better. CSG has the right idea:


The guy is absolutely brutal!

Why does anyone think this guy is good? He has sucked since the first time he put on a Reds uniform in 1998 and immediately posted a 6.21 ERA. Yeah, he has had intermittent periods of being average, but even in those times, he hurt the Reds because managers keep putting him in close games.

He just isn’t a dependable reliever. Let him pitch in mop-up duty.

I’d love to have compiled a list of all the games he has blown for the Reds. I’m sure it would rival Danny Graves’ list. Every time it gets close, it seems like Weathers is the one to blow it.

Okay, I’ve blown off enough steam now. Thanks for letting me rant. It just makes me sick to my stomach to watch the Reds give away a winnable game to the stinking Pittsburgh Pirates, like they did last night.