Joe Posnanski was talking today about a pitcher’s “strength of opponents.”  I took a quick look at who Edinson Volquez has faced, in putting up a league-leading 1.71 ERA, Voltron has faced some tough competition.  The Reds’ opponents in Voltron’s 15 starts are averaging 4.77 Runs per Game.  The NL average is 4.52 R/G, while the AL averages 4.56 R/G.

Prospectus looks at the issue in little more detail.  They break down opponents’ AVG/OBP/SLG.  Voltron’s opponents have hit 742, which ranks 3rd in the NL (of the 48 pitchers with 80+ IP).  And he’s still leading the league.  That’s stunning.

Guess who’s at the very top when you remove the innings qualifier?  Who faced the very best-hitting opponents of anyone who’s pitched in the major leagues this year?  Mr. Daryl Thompson, who did pretty well for himself against a Yankee lineup that collectively OPSes 819.