America’s Best Sportswriter weighs in on Ricciardi’s “eye” for heart.

““Do you know the guy doesn’t really like baseball that much?” Ricciardi  told the cllaer, according to the National Post. “Do you know the guy doesn’t have a passion to play the game that much? How much do you know about the player?”

How much, indeed? Did he cry during the let’s-have-a-catch scene at the end of “Field of Dreams.” Does he know all the words or only most of them to the second verse of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame?” Does he appreciate cool trivia questions like: “How many times was Roger Maris intentionally walked the year he hit 61 homers?”*Does he have a baseball card in the spokes of his bicycle? And, if so, then what card? Because it has to be someone like Sixto Lezcano or Paul Assenmacher or else it feels kind of phony. Does he occasionally put on the ol’ pajamas, go to the parents basement and blog about baseball just for fun? Can he not only name the entire lineup of the ‘75 Reds but also the starting pitchers? No, I suspect not. This Dunn is most definitely not a Blue Jays man. Not a Blue Jays man at all.

*Zero. Maris had Mantle hitting behind him. You knew that already because you, unlike Adam Dunn, like baseball.

And what would an asinine statement be without to weigh in:

“There’s a reason why you’re attracted to some players and there’s a reason why you’re not attracted to some players. I don’t think you’d be very happy if we brought Adam Dunn here …

Dude, again, I’m not saying you should definitely trade for Adam Dunn. He’s not a savior by any means. But your current leader in OPS is Rod Barajas, at .821.

Current Adam Dunn, despite his piss-poor .227 BA, would lead your team in R, HR, RBI, OBP, SLG, and (of course) OPS. But you’re not “attracted” to him, naturally, because he’s such a passionless turd.