In last night’s game thread, Chris linked this, which contained some interesting items:

Griffey paid Bruce ultimate compliment, saying then that he thought he was looking at a young version of him. But Bruce disagreed, “There’s only one Ken Griffey,” he said.

Ummm, Jay? Only one?

Bruce, the 12th player drafted in the great 2005 draft (eight players picked ahead of him, including Justin Upton, Ryan Zimmerman and Ryan Braun reached the majors before him), has always been a considered a phenom.

Wow, what a draft. Eight players picked ahead of Bruce reached the majors before him. That’s inconceivable.

Reds righthander Edinson Volquez, who shut down the Phillies Wednesday night and beat Brett Myers on a night Myers carried a no-hitter into the seventh inning, has such a deadly fastball-changeup combination that he appears to be the early favorite to start the All-Star Game, only one year after he pitched in A-ball (or “high A” as Volquez described the level).

Either way, it’s yet another amazing Reds rookie story story (there are at least three, with first baseman Joey Votto also off to a big start). Watching Volquez the other night pitching against an impossibly difficult Phillies lineup in the ridiculously unfair Citizens Bank Park, and then listening to him later, he’s somewhat reminiscent of a young Pedro Martinez. His fastball and changeup are in the realm of a young Pedro. And so is his winning personality….

That arsenal, along with the league’s unfamiliarity with him, helps explain his 1.32 ERA, which is nearly a full run lower than anyone else in baseball (Tim Lincecum of the Giants is second at 2.23). And he’s the first pitcher since 1945 to begin a season with 12 straight starts without allowing more than two runs.

Wow. Just…wow. There’s nothing more we can say about this kid.

See, Reds fans? There are reasons to be excited about this franchise.