Jon Heyman at says that Griffey “has told intimates” that he would consider waiving his 10/5 no-trade rights and accept a trade to Tampa.

But there’s no evidence there are yet serious trade talks involving Griffey, and one intimate said, in fact, that “nothing’s imminent.’

In other words: Trial balloon floated by Jr’s agent/surrogate. Will Carroll looks at scenarios at BP Unfiltered.

Heyman also intimates that Griffey intentionally sat out the Philly series to hit his 600th HR in Florida, and is believed likely to prefer waiting to be traded until after the All-Star Game,” at Yankee Stadium, because he’s bitter at being kicked out of the clubhouse by Billy Martin in the early 90s 80s [Thanks.]. Does that sound ridiculously petty and selfish to anyone else?

It’s a little pathetic to see Griffey trying to orchestrate his way to his ideal situation, as if this is still 1999 and he was coming off 49-56-56-48 HR seasons, rather than a defensive liability with a 93 OPS+.

For the record, I admire much of what I hear about Griffey’s personality, and don’t blame him (much) for the injuries that robbed him of his Reds career. But if we can get anything more than a Weathers/Majewski-level reliever, let him go. Now.