Corey Patterson had a really nice series against the Marlins last month.  In three games, he went 7 for 13, with a double and 2 SB (.538  .538  .615  1.153)

But I come here not to praise Corey Patterson, but to bury him.  Because if you take those three games out of his season, it looks even worse. 

For the season (before today’s 0 for 1):

.195  .234  .342  .576, 8/12 on SB 

Minus three good days: 

.161  .208  .316   .524, 6/12 on SB 

That’s simply atrocious.  And yes, I’m cherry-picking, but I challenge you to eliminate a three-game series from any other player’s line and see a 10% drop in all their numbers.