Dusty Baker’s favorite son Corey Patterson was recalled from the minor leagues, as we expected. As we also should have expected, Dusty started Patterson…and batted him second in the lineup!!! This is getting to be ridiculous. Why won’t someone in the local media ask Dusty why he’s so moronic when it comes to Patterson? Is there ever any justification to bat Patterson anywhere other than 8th in the lineup? Or ninth?

After an 0-4 night — surprise!!! — here are the updated stats for the Amazing Human Out Machine: .195 batting average, .234 on-base percentage, 576 OPS. That’s our second hitter.

Dusty has done a lot things right this year, but his continued love for Patterson almost undoes everything good he can claim. It is so insane that I can barely find the words to describe it. And Baker keeps playing the guy!!!

I’m so tired of this nonsense….

UPDATE: Daedalus has no patience left. And Jeff has introduced the Corey-O-Meter. I’m clearly not the only blogger who is frustrated.