Like CSG, I’m sick and tired of discussing Corey Patterson, but I just can’t let this nonsense pass without comment. From John Fay’s piece in the Enquirer, here’s our manager, Dusty Baker, discussing Patterson:

Baker said he hasn’t lost faith in Patterson.

“He’s still one of the fastest runners in the league,” Baker said. “He’s got an outstanding throwing arm. He learned to bunt in the big leagues.”

Patterson often is seen as a Baker favorite because they were together in Chicago. But that’s not why Baker believes in Patterson.

“I’m not going on liking or not liking him,” Baker said. “I like the skill. I know skill when I see skill.

Okay, maybe Baker doesn’t believe that, but he has clubhouse/chemistry reasons for saying this jibberish. I can accept that. Unfortunately, based upon his past history, I have difficulty believing that that’s the case. Baker really thinks Patterson is good, despite a career’s worth of evidence to the contrary. It’s just beyond description.

And this crazy talk about Patterson being fast and being able to bunt…who cares, if he can’t hit or get on base??!?!?!?!!?!

The article also talks about the “mechanical problems” with Patterson’s swing that he wants to get ironed out in AAA. Fortunately, we can click here to see that CSG has identified that mechanical problem.