From today’s “Prospectus Preview”:

Bruce became just the fourth batter since 1956 to reach base safely in all five of his plate appearances in his major league debut. The others were Kazuo Matsui with the Mets in 2004, Ted Cox with the Red Sox in 1977, and John Paciorek with the Colt .45’s in 1963. Reds fans, of course, are hoping that Bruce’s prodigious potential produces a career far better than those three players are having or have had. (Amazingly, Paciorek played in only that one game before back injuries conspired to keep him from returning to the majors, so he finished his career a perfect 3-for-3.)

I’d heard that Paciorek story before.  He was 18 and in his first year of pro ball.  He got called up by the Colt .45s, played the last day of the season, then hurt his back the following year.  He played in the minors, off and on, until 1969, but never made it back to the bigs.  His younger brothers Jim and Tom (aka “Wimpy”) played in the majors a decade (or two) later.