What are people saying about Jay Bruce after his magnificent debut last night?

A premier premiere, indeed. Nice piece by Bill Koch in the Enquirer, that delves into Bruce’s background with quotes from friends and family. A must-read for this morning.

Justin says that Bruce is the opposite of Corey Patterson.

–Tim at Reds Rocket had the same thought that I did.

–Andrew at Redlegs Rundown says that Jay Bruce mania has arrived.

Bruce said it “was surreal.” Yes, it was.

–Jeff from RR says “Jay is Good!”

–Finally, here is a list of great quotes from various persons about Bruce’s debut. My favorite:

“He’s going to be our superstar for years to come. We’ve got a lot of good young players here and in the minors. It’s great to see Jay here.”

Fun day to be a Reds fan.