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  1. dan

    wow, thank god no CP. I understand the DFA, but I can’t say I’m very confident we’ve seen the last of the Dusty Baker / Corey Patterson love affair. I think until CP is taken away from Baker, he’ll still feel compelled to start CP and he’ll put him at top of the order, regardless of performance. CP will bat lead off again, I believe.

  2. MeanLittleBallsOfHate

    Bases clogged for Dunn…

  3. MeanLittleBallsOfHate

    …who promptly forgets he’s no longer in batting practice. Come on, E5!

  4. ChicagoRedsFan

    CP is now 0 for his last 18…

  5. BenL

    I agree with you CeeKeR… That’s one reason I hate that they kept CP today. CP is going to be Dunns defensive replacement every time we have a lead…

  6. Chad

    Just caught up…got home late and have been watching via the magic of Tivo.

    I’m amazed by the Bruce show. What a debut.

  7. Chad

    Bruce has been on base four times tonight.

    Has Patterson been on base four times this month?

  8. BenL

    Jared – I’m watching it at 400k. When I get that ad I think I usually close and reopen my web browser and it’s gone.

  9. Andy

    Wow, I know we’ve all had high expectations for Bruce, but I’ve been really impressed by his Abs so far. I wouldn’t have been surprised if he tried to yank every pitch that last at bat into the Ohio River. Nice to know he’s not pressing to hard with all that’s expected of him.

  10. Chad

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Stormy in tonight’s game, with a five run lead. Well, now that I think about it, I wish we could get an insurance run or six, to keep it within Weathers-proof range.

  11. Chad

    Does it bother anyone else that Bruce is wearing Danny Graves’ old number? Hope it isn’t infected with something.

  12. Chad

    What is disgusting is that, even with a win tonight, we are still behind the Pirates in the standings.

    Hopefully, that won’t be the case much longer.

  13. Chad

    I cannot believe what I am seeing from Jay Bruce tonight.

  14. ChicagoRedsFan

    Bruce has now equaled Corey Patterson’s RBI total for the MONTH of May!

  15. Chad

    You are absolutely correct, Jim (comment 170). It is going to be fun to watch.

  16. Jeff

    Can’t wait for the Photoshops of Sir Bruce … or is it Bruce Almighty?

    Has he already surpassed the offensive production of CP for the season?

  17. BenL

    Jay works for a boy or a girl.

    Or you could go with “Brucetta”

  18. Matthew H.

    “Votto is not good at first base in any way, shape or form.”

    Votto is the best 1b that the reds have had in a long long time…

  19. Todd

    It’s finally nice to see the Reds having great young talent coming from the farm system again. Unlike when Bowden traded away all our young talent.

  20. Jimmy James

    Who is this new centerfielder for the Reds? I’ve never heard of him before.

  21. Chad

    Admit it…how many of you already have #32 jerseys with “GRAVES” on the back?

  22. Jimmy James

    Say what you want, but Patterson is much faster than Bruce. Bruce sucks.

  23. MeanLittleBallsOfHate

    Jeff(177): I thought The Boss was his given nickname.

  24. Chad

    They should have had a Disco Demolition night with Graves jerseys after he was sent packing. To exorcise the demons, or something like that.

  25. Chad

    Votto has three hits tonight. He’s saying, “Remember me?”

  26. Chad

    Parenthood is the best. Took my 3 year old son to see my old high school’s baseball team play in the regional playoffs today. Just the two of us. We had a blast; nothing better in the world.

    Plus, our team won 20-2. That helps.

  27. Chad

    Watching Dunn, Griffey, and Bruce in the outfield chatting during the pitching change makes me smile.

  28. Chad

    …and this one belongs to the Reds!

    What a debut for Mr. Bruce.

  29. Chad

    Been a while since I’ve seen a smile like the one on Bruce’s face right now.

  30. pj

    theReds youth movement has begun!Patterson stays,1.salary 2.speed 3.still can play defense.Hati,limited throwing.He’ll end up in A.L. Good luck,Scott,you were a real professional.

  31. slattspub

    Great game redlegs. I wonder what the difference was?