Adam Dunn is now on pace for 41 homers and 104 RBI. All of his relevant statistics are above his career averages, except that he has reduced his strikeout totals and is playing a bit better defense than usual. Dunn has hit homers in the clutch – to win games – and he’s also hit sacrifice flies, taken the ball the opposite way, and hit behind runners to advance them a base (in other words, all the things the mouth-breathers on talk radio have been clamoring for).

Dunn leads the Reds in home runs, RBI, on-base percentage, slugging percentage, and OPS. I don’t know what else his critics can ask for. Dunn is who he is; the things he does well, he does very well.

Here at Redleg Nation, we have always been huge supporters of Adam Dunn, and none of that changed when he started off the season slowly. Dunn is the best offensive player in the Reds arsenal, and there’s no way they will be able to replace 40 homer/100 RBI production if the Reds trade the big guy.

We’ve always been astounded by how Cincinnati fans can be so critical of one of the greatest sluggers in Reds history. Sure, he has shortcomings, but so does every major league player (with the possible exception of Edinson Volquez). But he is so good at what he does, Dunn should be getting praised from all corners, instead of hammered daily by idiot radio talk show hosts and the moronic callers to those same shows.

GM Walt Jocketty needs to re-sign Adam Dunn now. If the Reds let Dunn walk, they will regret it for years to come.

Here’s a plan: sign Adam Dunn to a long-term contract, FREE JAY BRUCE!!!, and let the starting rotation continue to develop and get better. Very soon, the Reds will be very good, for a very long time.