The Reds announced that longtime Triple-A Louisville voice Jim Kelch will do fill-in work on 14 Reds radio broadcasts this season.

How many announcers does this team need? Why can’t Thom Brennaman do radio when his dad is on vacation, or whatever? And the larger question is this: if the Reds needed an announcer to fill in, why didn’t they ask me? I have a history of some radio sportscasting from my college days (back when I wanted to grow up to be Marty Brennaman). Clearly, I would do a great job.

UPDATE: Chris from Seeing Reds has suspicions that Jeff Brantley might be on his way out the door. I doubt that will happen, but I wish it were true. Brantley is, by far, the worst Reds broadcaster…including George Grande.

Give me Chris Welsh and Thom Brennaman on television, and Marty Brennaman all by himself on radio (a la Vin Scully). That would work just fine, in my opinion.