Bob Castellini has already admitted to being an impatient man. He’s already said (and shown) that he absolutely expects to win right now. But what can he do about it? He’s already fired GM Wayne Krivsky and installed old buddy Walt Jocketty. His hand-picked manager is in place. Pitching Coach Dick Pole would be a target, but generally speaking, the pitching has been pretty good.

In my opinion, Castellini’s early hook for Wayne Krivsky painted himself into a corner. The team is just as bad worse now as than it was then (9-12 before the firing; 3-7 after). But what can he do about it?

The truth is this team was probably a year away from contention, but Bob Castellini has refused to accept that, and (I suspect) pushed Krivsky into deals like the Cordero and Baker hirings. If Castellini admits that this really is a rebuilding year, isn’t he admitting that he erred in firing Krivsky?

My worry is he can’t make that admission, and that Jocketty, pressured by his boss’s ego, makes some sort of short-term deal to bring in a bat in CF or behind the plate, but at the expense of the future (maybe not Jay Bruce for Coco Crisp, but something that I wouldn’t like.)

Thoughts? Where do we go from here?