ESPN’s Jayson Stark, who may be my favorite mainstream media baseball reporter, has an excellent review of April in baseball, including this nugget:

Most even deal of the winter — Josh Hamilton from Cincinnati to Texas for Edinson Volquez. Who got the better of this deal? Maybe nobody. Hamilton leads the major leagues in RBIs (32), and leads the AL in extra-base hits (17). And Volquez leads the NL in ERA (1.23), and trails only John Smoltz and Jonathan Sanchez in strikeout ratio (10. 1 per 9 IP). When was the last time any trade looked this rewarding for both teams?

I’ve always been pretty much in favor of this trade, and nothing I’ve seen from Volquez has made me change my mind. The kid can pitch.

That’s not to say I’m glad Hamilton is gone. Josh Hamilton is one of my favorite Reds of recent years. I’ve watched more Texas Rangers baseball this year, including last night, when I watched them play the Royals (!), just because I enjoy watching Hamilton play. We wish him the best of luck, and I personally hope he’s great for Texas…

…but I like having Edinson Volquez in Cincinnati.